15 Extra Things To Do If You Play a Non-Revenue Sport in High School and You Want to Play in College

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In college there are only (2) revenue generating sports: football and men's basketball. Everything else is a financial drain on the athletic department and the university. Most high school and college athletes play in non-revenue sports (NRS). If you play soccer, volleyball, field hockey, women's basketball, lacrosse, baseball, softball, golf, or tennis; or you swim, run, wrestle; or compete in gymnastics you must go the extra distance to be noticed by coaches.

If you play a non-revenue sport (NRS), you know from experience that most spectators at the event are immediate friends and family. Attending an NRS sporting event is not usually considered a social event which draws large crowds. Also, the paid attendance is very small or in many cases there is no admission charge. It's not much different in college.

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As one of the worlds more popular indoor sports (around 14 million enthusiasts around the world and 10 million in the U.S.), racquetball owes much of its popularity to the simplicity of the game itself. The rules are easy to assimilate and implement, and the nature of the game itself is quite simple.

For amateurs who may have forgotten how the game is played and for people who don't know the way to play the game but are wondering it and its rules, the following are the major game makeup.

Single double or trio

Racquetball games are played by two people against each other (singles) or four people with two for each team (doubles) and three people (cutthroat) where every one plays the other two.

Players who are serving the ball score points. Losing a serve is called a sideout. In doubles, each player can serve before sideout happens.

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Hand-to-hand combat may be the oldest form of combat that occurred between Homo sapiens. While weapons quickly replaced the fist as a way to hunt, hand-to-hand combat persisted as a way of settling disputes. Sports were often developed as ways for soldiers to maintain their skills during times of peace. The origins of these kinds of competitions can be seen in events like chariot races in Egypt or the javelin tosses of ancient Greece.

Many modern sports originated at the original Olympic Games of Greece. These sporting events gave rise to wrestling, archery, shot put, discus, and a number of running events. The most relevant sport to our topic was called "pankration." This violent sport involved the use of kicks as well as punches, and it only had rules against eye gouges and strikes to the groin. Nowadays, this sport is seen as the predecessor to modern MMA-style contests.

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