3 Daily Decisions Effective Sales Managers Make

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This type of dealing is most commonly achieved through an amicable approach and restricts the ideals of "the hard sell," thus creating a friendly relationship between both client and sales agent. Savvy business owners will often contract Sales Lead Generation companies to complete the first stage of this process by identifying the key prospects through a series of questioning and pro-active listening.

The idea behind this concept is that, by the end of the sales pitch, the prospect is sure that the product meets their specific requirements.

One of the key areas in successful consultative selling is to understand the client's needs and wants, and the problems that they currently face. This research or Lead Generation probing is generally achieved by asking open questions specifically in relation to the area a company specializes in e.g. I.T.

Along with the open questions it can often help to look up information that is publicly available about the targeted company, on the net or within the mass media such as press releases or newspaper articles. Sure, it may have worked in the past or it may work someplace else, but you don't understand our unique challenges. As a result, their salespeople were more than happy to disregard all that they had learned and to simply return to "business as usual."

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We're near the end of 2014, which makes it a great time for self-reflection. What can you learn about how you managed yourself and your time this past year that could help you better manage your time and your team next year? To get started, think back over the past year and rate yourself on a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (great) on the following three statements:

  1. 1: I remembered that doing more things faster is no substitute for doing the right things.

Ineffective sales managers value their ability to fight fires, to juggle a million to-do's, to have a calendar crammed with activities. For many, this stress is intoxicating. They like feeling busy. These managers would rate low in this area.

Effective sales managers know that every minute they spend performing tasks that others can do is one less minute they have to accomplish their most important tasks: sales opportunity coaching, funnel reviews, training new-hires, etc. Managers who rate high in this area ask themselves, "What should I not get distracted by today so I can spend more time coaching?"

  1. 2: I solved problems in ways that helped my sales team develop their skills.

This is a tough one. Our natural instinct as managers is to solve problems for our people. We tend to tell our teams: "If you have a problem, bring it to me and I will solve it for you." So we get more problems. Solving problems can be a good thing. Solving them in ways that excludes salespeople from learning how to solve these problems themselves in the future is not a good thing. Those who rate low in this skill mistakenly believe that if they solve the problem their reps will have more time to make more sales calls. That's not how the real world works.

Effective sales managers treat seemingly common daily tasks as opportunities to develop their salespeople. For example, if you want to resolve a problem with a customer, resist the urge to do it on your own. sew in weave specials $100