4 Things To Consider About Shopping Cart Abandonment

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At the end of 2001 Billy Beane, the General Manager of the Oakland A's baseball team, faced an impossible task. They had just lost their three top players to their rivals and they were faced with the prospect of having to compete with teams that had a massively higher budget and greater resources than they could ever hope to have.

However, by throwing out conventional wisdom and employing a completely new approach to selection Billy was able to oversee a successful team who managed to put together a record breaking 20 game winning streak and the story has been told in Moneyball starring Brad Pitt.

If you are trying to make money from your blog then you are in a very similar situation to Billy. There are companies out there who have massive resources and existing traffic to call upon so how exactly are you supposed to compete and get money from blogging?

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A customer visits a company's e-commerce website for the first time to check out its products and after a while he checks out from the site without buying anything. In marketing terms this is known as shopping cart abandonment. Most companies see this incident as a loss of potential customers. However, if anyone looks at the incident carefully, it is not always the case. With a little effort, a large section of the prospects who abandoned the site can be won back.

Studies show that first-time visitor to an e-commerce website almost never buy from the website during their first visit. However, most of them intend to go back and make the purchase. On the other hand, people who have already been to the website, often abandon the site in order to do some research on the product.

In other words, they probably want to make sure that they are investing their money on the right products. Therefore, it will be safe to say that all those who abandon a company's shopping cart are not completely lost. With a little persuasion, the company can recover most of these abandoned leads.

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