5 Best Skate Parks around the World

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The Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park in California is one of the best skate parks around the world. You can’t possibly talk about skate parks around the world and not talk about this very one, it is unique, beautiful and in a league of its own. It has a 70 foot long and a 22ft wide full pipe with bowls, cradles, thimbles, pools and a mega wall. It also has a street course, it is so amazing. The pools are off limits to other people but skaters but bikers are allowed to join in the fun as well. In this skate park, spectators are allowed in; they can watch the sport for free but will sign a waiver before coming in.

Kona Skate Park is another one of the most talked about and best skate parks around the world. It comes up among the top ten and it is located in Jacksonville Florida. It is a famous park known by many and it offers unique experience to any skate who visits it. Both professionals and those who skate for the fun of it has made this place their home. It has a fine, smooth and pastel colored concrete, this adds beauty to the park and this park is also used in most video games. If you ever have the opportunity of visiting, don’t fail to visit here for the best skating experience.

Black Pearl Skate Park located in the Cayman’s Island happens to be a very beautiful place to go have fun if you are a skater whether experienced or just starting out. It is one of the best skate parks in the world and you won’t regret visiting it. The fact that is located on a gorgeous island makes it all better with its unique designs. Here is a fact, this park is the largest concrete outdoor skate park in the world, it is quite massive. The entire park is about 52000 square feet and has varieties of courses based on the skill level of the skater. It is safe and made for both beginners, intermediate skaters as well as advanced skaters. Even if you are not a skater and just want to visit this place, you can also enjoy the large pool just by the skate park.

SkateLab is another gorgeous place for those who love to skate if you ever find yourself in Atlantic beach Florida. This place is unique because it has both indoor and outdoor skate parks. It is among the top ten best skate parks in the world with rails and ramps and jumps. The good thing about this park is that it is not weather dependent because the indoor park is as good and enjoyable as the outdoor one. The park is quite expansive and one of the best in the east coast region, you should definitely try to visit this place.

Louisville Extreme Park is another amazing skate park where skaters go to enjoy a skating experience of a lifetime. It is an amazing structure and one of the Best Skate Parks in the world; you can’t go top ten without including this place. The park is quite massive with a 40000 square feet concrete playground for skaters. It has a 24ft full pipe where you can go have fun whether as a professional or a hobbyist. It is among the largest skate parks in the world and they are open every day of the week from morning until dawn.