6 Lesser-Known Gadgets to Make Your Home Look Cool

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Hey, it's nothing to be ashamed of; we all want to live in a home that we can use to impress our friends, inspire envy in our neighbors, and show those bullies from Junior High just how big and important we've become. To that end, we find ourselves drawn to gadgets, gizmos, and new technologies that are designed to-among their more practical uses-make our homes look cool. But with all of the possibilities that are out there, which gadgets provide the right mix of practical and awesome to be worth your time? Well, look no further, because we've compiled our own list of six lesser-known gizmos that are sure to earn you all the high-fives and jealous resentment that you've been craving!

Smart sprinkler system

Homeowners don't have to be top-notch gardeners to want their lawns to look great. Unfortunately, the only thing many residents understand about lawns is that they need to be watered. So, they let their sprinklers run, rain or shine, and they end up with a mushy, rotting, overwatered yard. Smart sprinkler controllers-such as the one recently released by Skydrop-take the issue out of homeowners' hands. This gadget uses Wi-Fi and smart technology to connect with local weather stations, so it knows when it should and shouldn't be running. The result is a perfect lawn that will catch the eyes of anyone passing by.

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Since some time laptops, smart phones, tablets and similar devices have become everybody's gadgets. The staff is bringing their devices not only to the office but also to use them in business. And honestly, isn't boss happy today if he can communicate with his employees by mobile technology, and if necessary, even outside working hours? Always connected has become the Lifestyle and inseparable part of our everyday business.

Basically, of course, no employee may be forced to use their personal devices for business purposes. Conversely, employees are not entitled to work with their own devices. A compulsion to use personal devices for business purposes is possible only if the employer pays appropriate financial compensation. Many employers have been banned the use of personal devices in the past for the sake of IT security, but now a controverse trend is quite clearly visible. Too big are the benefits when employees are accessible by mobile devices.

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