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Ready...set...go find an AED! Still there? The reason for all that is that June is CPR and AED Awareness Month. Since 2008, when it was enacted by Congress, this has been the designated month. Spurred by the increasing availability of AED machines, the Awareness Month is meant to encourage the expansion of local AED and CPR training programs. And it seems to be working; every year has seen more Awareness Month events than the year before.

}There are some very creative AED awareness events happening this June. Mentor, Ohio will play host to an Defibrillator Scavenger Hunt. Citizens are encouraged to scour the town in a search for AED units. They then turn in a list of AED units to the fire department and the person who finds the most units wins a ride in a fire truck! I think this is a great way to increase awareness of AED machine locations and it would be great to see events like this one in every town across the USA.

Public awareness programs like the one above are fantastic, but we also need to have similarly creative campaigns to raise awareness in the home. Home defibrillators are becoming an important sector of the AED landscape. However, AEDs are not appropriate for every home; they are specifically useful for patients at increased risk of sudden cardiac death. Always ask a medical professional about your individual requirements for a home-use defibrillator.

Upon consulting with your doctor, it might be decided that an AED is needed in your home. If so, you need to take a number of things into account. First, you will need to acquire proper training. In the best case scenario, everyone that might possibly use the machine is fully trained on the use of the machine. Make sure that the procedures are gone over again and again; if a cardiac event takes place, the pressure can cause your memory to fail. Additionally, you will want to make sure that you have a reliable battery in your unit. A defibrillator with a dead battery is the worst thing imaginable when you are dealing with a cardiac event. Since only Philips Heartstart AEDs are available without prescription, it is likely the unit that you will end up purchasing. Make certain that you have the corresponding Philips Heartstart battery. These machines and batteries are the most reliable that the industry has to offer.

The simple fact is that these machines save lives whether they are found in the home or at work or at the mall or the airport. But you have to be able to find the machines in the first place. And so AED and CPR Awareness Month could save lives.

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