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A visit to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, also known as The Brew Metropolis, is not complete with out a tour of at least one of the nearby breweries. I've been on 7 different brewery excursions in my lifestyle and this 1 was effortlessly my favorite. The brewery is easy to get to at 1872 N. Commerce Street in Milwaukee, it is right below Main Street so look for it when you are crossing the bridge.

Bayshore Events organizes networking and happy hour events all over the Bay region. This month their Pleased Hour invades Worldwide Plaza's Bar Louie. Bar Louie prices features over 40 domestic, imported and microbrew beers on faucet. All draft beers will be $3 while nicely drinks will be just $4.

"Open-air lifestyle facilities" are the new idea that is changing the traditional closed-in mall. They offer shops with entrances on the outside and lots of open up-air eco-friendly spaces.

Each working day for the length of the 7 days of bacon, the restaurant will offer a daily Bacon Happy Hour, where bar guests can feast on bacon bites such as bacon on a adhere & bacon-wrapped shrimp and clean it all down with $3 craft beer draft specials. Executive Chef Brian Robinson cures all his personal bacon in-home and is a firm believer in the foodie philosophy that, "Everything preferences much better with bacon," a philosophy that he looks ahead to sharing with his guests via his intestine-busting Bacon Tasting Menu being provided throughout the duration of the Week of Bacon. Priced at $30 per individual, the menu will feature some of Robinson's preferred meals and bacon pairings such as Bacon & Eggs and Maple Bacon Ice Product.

Jose Andres is a Spanish chef frequently credited for bringing the little plates dining idea to America. I consider him the very best Spanish chef on the earth with his revolutionary use of molecular gastronomy that showcased inventive dishes that had been small, however tasty and unique. Presentation was paramount to Andres 'dishes.

These new brews are a bit untried by most of the DC populace, so it would be great to hear what readers have to say about the "Liquid Confessions" these guys are brewing up. Publish your comments beneath if you make it to the tasting.

So what do you want to do in this grand city? The museums? The Monuments? The marketplaces? The bookstalls alongside the Seine? Is it the food that draws in you at globe class eating places, or do you just want to sit in a sidewalk cafe and view the world go by?

The Lancer Lounge - Okay, so a dive bar is generally not the initial place individuals think of when they are searching for late-evening eats. Nevertheless, The Lancer Lounge's new menu is a ideal compliment to their stiff beverages. They serve your typical American favorites like BBQ sandwiches, scorching canines, bratwursts, hamburger, and cheeseburgers. Admittedly, the focus of this location is their beverages, but if you are looking for a place to destroy two birds with 1 stone and fulfill your hunger as nicely as your need for enjoyable then The Lancer Lounge is the location for you.

Tips: Purchase appetizers here to conserve cash, they are huge and numerous appear more like foods anyway (i.e. Chicken Nachos, Tempura Shrimp, and Cheese Quesadilla).