A Couple That Cleans Together, Stays Together

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Don't take chores as just another boring household activity. Make it interesting. Use this time to get to know each other better. Matrimonial sites will tell you about the basic details, but it is talking and spending time that will actually help you in getting to know the 'real' person.

Do you enjoy television romances? I sure do. Ever since I was a child I'd smile and sigh whenever favorite characters would finally discover that they were in love with each other. This is dating me some, but I remember Maxwell Smart and 99. And who could ever forget Jeannie and Major Nelson. Remember when Jim and Pam got married at Niagara Falls? Or when Richard Castle and Kate Beckett shared their first kiss.


Yes, the small screen knows how to create a good love story, but the best romance ever? I'm sure everyone has an opinion but I'd like to submit to you my choice for the greatest romance on television.

Their names are Lee and Morty Kaufman and they have been married for 44 years. Don't know them? They are the elderly couple that appear in the Swiffer commercials. Yes, they're a real couple that make their home in Valley Stream, New York.

Their story is interesting. Both widowed, they met in their forties. She was a remedial reading teacher and he had a son with reading problems. Sounds just like an episode of "My Three Sons." They raised six children and have five grandchildren and are now enjoying a new career as popular spokespersons for the Swiffer cleaning systems. Why are they the most romantic couple on television?

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It is 6.30AM.

  • She woke him.

He had a late night.

He had a busy schedule after office hours, yesterday:

(a) Swimming class for 18 months old daughter, and

(b) Shopping a bit, at a mall.

She had gone to her gym.

Later both had watched a late night movie on tv.

  • He had assured her, "I will get up in time."

True to his word, he got up at 6.30AM.

There was a temptation again.

He thought of a short nap and indulged in its luxury.

But, now he was getting late and was in tension.

She wanted to discuss a point with him - to fix a date.

He was getting late and got irritated.

He thought of leaving, without having breakfast.

He promised her -  to discuss in the evening.

She disbelieved.

It was his usual promise, which he will violate later.

She thought of asking him again in the evening.

He will get hold of a coffee and fast food at a gas station.

She thought of putting on loud volume tv, in future, at 6.30AM.

It will force him to get up.

  • Now he was late, still at home at 7.30AM.

It worried her.

She hugged him, and asked him to relax and drive slow.

He will be late for his appointment at 8.00AM.

  • There is another commitment for her.

The little fairy has to go to play-school at 8.00AM.

The nanny, has already come at 7.30AM.

She is to wake the baby, change her diaper, bath, dress, and feed her.

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