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Guðmundur Pétursson Thorsteinsson, better known as Muggur, (5. september 1891 - 26. júlí 1924) was an icelandic artist from Bíldudalur. He made alot of his works with oil, coloured pencils, coal and clip-arts. „Sjöundi dagur í Paradís“ (Seventh day in paradise) is one of his most famous works and the book „Sagan af Dimmalimm“ (The story of Dimmalimm) which is made for childrens. He also put his art on icelandic play-cards which was really popular by the people. He got one of the main-roles in the movie „Sögu Borgarættarinnar“ (Story of the Borgar-family) which was produced in 1919 in Iceland. He was young when he died cause of cancer.


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