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[Borut Savski] - Spectrum Ecology: Looking from below – Seeing from above

Every communication channel is a subsystem of values that provides us with a new (sub)identity - if we happen to be immersed in it. All channels can be regarded as abstract or virtual identities. They define (parallel) worlds of virtual realities. These are what we share. From here on we are part of something bigger (than life). Where and what is the basic individual identity/ reality? The starting point of my approach to Spectrum Ecology is the realization of the large steps that were made by the industry/ providers/ technology into commodifying the use of wireless devices. The widespread use clearly means that there are at the same time psychologic reasons (on/ in one hand) and marketing reasons (on/ in the other hand) for it – a well balanced situation of »demand and supply« relation.
Born in 1960, Ljubljana Slovenia. Studied at Faculty for Electrotechnics, Ljubljana. Joined Radio Student Ljubljana in 1984, worked as technician, producer, music critique. Co-organized web and radio based Xtended Live Radio events in 1997. During 1997-99 performed about a hundred of direct radio broadcasts from clubs, homes - events with portable transmitter to airwaves of Radio Student ("amplification of underground activities"). Invited to take part in web activities at Ars Electronica 1998. Started a regular radio broadcast "Huda ura" (Heavy Weather) in 1999 presenting sound art within the (not so broad) concept of algorithmic=improvised - about half of the time is dedicated to describing the concept and production itself - I produced a host of algorithmic sound examples. I got interested in various systems' theories - also based on experiences with small human systems. In 1999, together with American sound artist John Grzinich, realized a sound installation "Sound Biotope" in Kapelica Gallery in Ljubljana. In 2000 - soundtrack for a cartoon (E-Motion Film production). In 2000 split with Ministry of Experiment as a platform. In 2001 wrote an essay "Aesthetic Machines" - not yet translated. This year a cd is in preparation, describing in practice the concepts behind "aesthetic machines", a booklet with text and graphics will be added. The "Holy Trinity" round table is part of this.