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Mark Bain:

The work: SelfSensor: The body as microphone. A phone number +371-8242323 is distributed to the individuals locally and worldwide so that I may be accessed by anyone, anywhere at anytime. Wherever I am, my personal receiver automatically picks up the phone and relays the live sound from acoustic sensors imbedded onto my body. The body sensed acts as a filter of the space around me and within me, presenting my acoustic fingerprint within the actions I make. The device is worn for the duration of the show and is always on (0 – 24hrs).
Mark Bain is an American artist based in Amsterdam who investigates ideas in relation to the built environments and our technologic futures. Preferring to work in diverse mediums, projects develop as sound experiments, installation, video, performance, or as hybrid machine apparatus. Areas of research include acoustic sound transcriptions of land sites, programming of resonant frequencies into structures and architecture, devices for architectural re-utilization, urban micro-radio networks, and mechanisms for technologic futurism. For Bain, the separation between art and scientific research is minimal. With the ability to utilize both the tools of science and artistic practice, lines of rational thought are redirected towards other creative ends.