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1979-1999 Independent electronic cinema director

Numerous short videotapes from 1980-85.

In 1985, began execution of my first feature, "WAX", which was completed in 1991, as a co-production with ZDF Televsion. The project has its premiere on "Das Kleine Fernsehspiel", ZDF TV. This film version of the feature had extensive distribution in the US and Japan. There was additional release in Australia, and the UK.

From 1994-present, I have experimented with the Internet as a medium for distribution of electronic cinema. The 1994 multicast of WAX over the Mbone was declared a "historic first" by the New York Times. This was followed by a network version of the feature entitled "WAXWEB". Available in 4 languages globally across the World Wide Web, it was the first large narrative site on the network. In May 199, I completed a final version of this project, which I am releasing on both on CDROM and the Internet.

I am currently working on my second combined feature/hypermedia project, "The Telepathic Motion Picture of THE LOST TRIBES". This project began in 1991, and is scheduled for completion in 2001.

Work available online: : : Waxweb --CD now available--

(hypermedia version of the movie "Wax or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees") online in English/French/Japanese; CD versions in each language broadband version available

"the first feature on the Internet; online since 1994"

The Telepathic Motion Picture of "THE LOST TRIBES" (online version of feature-in-progress with the same name) 3-D sections available for limited time


Waxweb is an interactive narrative 3D environment which is based upon and distributed via the internet. It goes back to Blair's 1991 electronic movie »Wax or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees«. Scenes from this film are interwoven with image, sound and text elements to build an associative net of references where the linear story is no longer valid. Depending on the interaction with the viewer, the elements gather to build new narrative threads and generate new interaction possibilities. By shifting into virtual space, the movie turns into interactive cinema.