Daniel Burckhardt, Roberto Cabot, Jürgen Enge, gruppo A12, Udo Noll, Philip Pocock, Wolfgang Staehle, Florian Wenz, Birgit Wien and øthers

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Daniel Burckhardt, mathematician, code artist

  • 1971 in Meiringen. Lives and works in Berlin und Zürich

Roberto Cabot, artist

  • 1963 in Rio de Janeiro. Lives and works in Köln

Jürgen Enge, information scientist

  • 1971 in Bühl/ Baden. Lives and works in Karlsruhe

Udo Noll, code artist

  • 1966 in Hadamar. Lives and works in Köln

Philip Pocock, artist

  • 1954 in Ottawa. Lives and works in Karlsruhe

Wolfgang Staehle, artist

  • 1950 in Stuttgart. Lives and works in New York

Florian Wenz, datatect for social technologies

  • 1958 in München. Lives and works in Zürich und Berlin

Birgit Wiens, theorist performing arts

  • 1965 in Stuttgart. Lives and works in München

gruppo A 12 architects

  • 1993 founded in Genova. Live and work in Genoa and Milan


 H|U|M|B|O|T installation and web project, makes reference to Alexander von Humboldt's report on his journey through Central and South America. 200 years later, the artists retrace his steps. On the internet they combine his and their own travel accounts with audio and visual documents, drawings and video recordings of their journey to create an associative, constantly reorganising network. The map allows visitors to navigate through this network and establish their own positions. The travel report on the New World becomes an exploration of cyberspace.

The artist's journey to Venezuela was sponsored by the Goethe-Institut Caracas.