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DigiFestival.net / Festival multimediale di arte in streaming video is a multimedia show of short films and video on different disciplines(Cinema, Video Art, Music, Photography, Animation and Sport) that took place on line, on the website www.digifestival.net, from 2005 to 2008.

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Founding Year (first edition):


Period (season/annual/biennial):


  • DigiFestival.net – 2005 Edition – from May 15 to June 15 2005
  • DigiFestival.net – 2006 Edition – from August 15 to September 15 2006
  • DigiFestival.net – 2007 Edition – from August 15 to September 15 2007
  • DigiFestival.net – 2008 Edition – from August 15 to September 15 2008


Structure (concerts, exhibitions, seminars, workshops):

Exhibition-installation of images and sound, continuous projections of the winning works, in audio and video stations, dedicated to the different thematic sections of the festival.

Promoting Institutions/Producer:

DigiFestival.net has been realized by Ass. Cult. Art in vision in collaboration with Tra Art, the regional network for contemporary art, with the patronage of Regione Toscana, the provinces of Firenze e Milano, the cities of Firenze e Prato and European Parliament – office for Italy.

Artistic Direction:

Cultural Association Art in Vision

Administration (structure, staff, representatives and collaborators):

Collaborations(possible long-term collaborations/episodic collaborations with institutions/associations):

Digichannel.net, channel that broadcasted in video streaming the works taking part to the contest and Sonicbids, web network especially dedicated to music, promoting initiatives, contests, various activities for artists and professionals who work in the field of music production.


  • DigiFestival Final Event 2005 set in the central pavilion of Mercafir (Mercato Polivalente Alimentare di Firenze), 2700mq.
  • DigiFestival Final Event 2006 set in the A pavilion of Mercafir (Mercato Polivalente Alimentare di Firenze), 2700mq.
  • DigiFestival Final Event 2007 set in Padiglione Ghiaia at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, 2400 mq, during the Festival della Creatività.
  • DigiFestival Final Event 2008 took place at Fortezza da Basso in Florence, during the Festival della Creatività.


DigiFestival.net - Associazione Culturale Art in Vision
Via G.B. Amici, 19 - 50131 – Firenze, Italia
Tel +39 334 62 52 500
digifestival@digichannel.net - digifestival@digimusic.net


http://www.digifestival.net (website no longer active)


  • give the opportunity to artists and young authors to display their works and get integratedin an international network
  • spread artistic production around the world taking advantage of the video streaming

Areas of Interest:

music, theatre and dance, cinema and video, photography, figurative arts, sport

Origin and History:

DigiFestival is an international multimedia festival divided into six artistic disciplines; at the beginning it took place only on the Internet but later it became a live event.
The web video streaming event was born to probe the reality of virtual art, the possibilities of expression through new multimedia means, young artists capacity of express their opinion about specific topics using the web[1].
Thanks to the Internet broadcasting of their works, the artists and the young authors who took part to the event had the possibility to display their works in front of an international public. The aim of the festival is to confer popularity to artistic production worldwide, taking advantage of the video technology offered by the web.
Those are the thematic sections of the festival: Cinema, Video Art, Music, Photography, Animation and Sport.
During the development of the contest, curious and aficionados of the web watched the videos and voted for the best one.

According to the structure of the festival, in fact, the internet public decide the winner of DigiFestival.net, through a voting forum in the webpage www.digifestival.net.
The videos that took part to the festival were visible in the following links (no longer active):
Music: http://www.digifestival.net/music.html
Movies: http://www.digifestival.net/movies.html
Videoart: http://www.digifestival.net/videoart.html
Photo & Digital Art: http://www.digifestival.net/photo.html
Animation: http://www.digifestival.net/animation.html
Sport: http://www.digifestival.net/sport.html

DigiChannel.net, an international network of websites entirely dedicated to art, hosted the event.
After the first edition in 2005 Digifestival live events took place in Florence, Prato, Venice and San Petersburg.
The jury of the contests counted the presence of: Roli Mosimann, Marco Mancuso, Lucilla Brancato, Silvano Mezzatesta, Lorenzo Guasti, Franco Morabito.


2006 DigiFestival.net winners :Music section, CC Sound Factory (“So Shiok”); Cinema section , Simon Dekker (“The Execution of Margot Rumebe”); Video Art section , ex-aequo Helga Maestrini (“Liquida.mente”) and Schejla Massellucci (“Boum”); Animation section, Serdar Camlica (“Awaken, The Mind Travel”); Photography section, Benjamin Pezzillo (“Sleep Walking in VGA”); Sport section, Abraham Michael (“Wuji”).
Absolute winner, the video most voted by the Internet public was “Volume on Speed” by Pamela Vitale (Video Art section ). The event comprised also Italian and international performers, among them: Alexander Robotnik ,Vladislav Delay – Luomo , Alessio Bertallot (B-Side Radio Deejay), Andrea Gelli (Play Radio – Rin Digital). The visual performance has been curated by Lab080 .

2005 DigiFestival.net winners: Paolo Cellammare and Francesco Rontidale with 'Ultimo spettacolo’ for the Movies section; Valeriy Grachov with ‘Painting digital art’ for the Photo section; Alberto Nacci with ‘Fireworks’ for the Music section and Parkour Prato with ‘Parkour’ for the Sport section.
Absolute winner, Parkour Prato with ‘Parkour’, whose work has been project all night long on Saturday 15 October 2005 at the Mercafir in Paizza Artom and in other clubs in Florence, together with the other selected works and the ‘Special prize’ Mummers by Luca Dalcò.

Projects (realized/on-going/to be realized):



Events and Other Activities:

DigiFestival.net hosted also Italian art events related to cinema, music and digital photography, for example: Milano Film Festival, with a selection of the works presented in 2006 Edition; Cantiere d’Arte “L’Arte come Fotografia / La Fotografia come Arte" curated by Fiammetta Strigoli, with the video projection of the works; Digiarte 2006 , curated by Lorenzo Guasti, with a selection of the displayed photographies; Blume, indi-electronic band, at the top of Italian independent hits; Festival della Creatività, event promoted by Regione Toscana taking place form the 30 November to the 3 December 2006 at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence.

Multimedia Files:




Augmented reality:



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  1. from an article on the Regione Toscana website

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Eventi Festival Rassegne Videoarte Concorsi internazionali

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networking, web art, art and technology, music, theatre and dance, cinema and video, photography, figurative arts, sport, digital arts

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