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Dipartimento di Musica e NuoveTecnologie - Conservatorio di Firenze

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Dipartimento di MNT - Conservatorio di Firenze (Department of Music and New Technologies)

Founding Year:



Conservatorio L. Cherubini, Piazza delle Belle Arti 2 – 50100 - FI

Administration (structure, staff, representatives and collaborators):

Responsible for the course: Prof. Alfonso Belfiore

Professors: Prof. Alfonso Belfiore, Prof. Marco Ligabue


Consevratorio L. Cherubini, piazza delle Belle Arti 2 – 50100 - FI


Tel: 055 298 9311, Fax +39.055.2396785




Among the main objectives of the Dipartimento di Musica e NuoveTecnologie (Department of Music and New Technologies) there are the promotion of artistic communication and expression through experimental means, multimediality and the use of new technologies. Besides, it is also aimed at the publication, design and realization of multimedia and interactive electro-acoustic and acousmatic works, as well as the restoration and archive of audio documents.

Sectors of Intervention:

Music composition through new technologies, modern and contemporary music history, analysis, restoration, multimedia composition.

Activities (research/production/training/promotion):

Research, didactic and education

Origin and History:

The department and the relative course of Music and New Technologies is structured in a three year degree followed by a two year specialization course. The course issues a diploma that is equivalent to the university degree (BA – Laurea triennale – for the first three years and MA – Laurea specialistica - after the second two years). The courses of the Department are based on the will to elaborate in depth the main theoretical and practical principles of computer science and technology applied to music. The main topics of the course, which are tackled in a different way according to the year of study, are:

  • The study of the history of the development of electroacoustic repertoire from the origin to contemporary days, paying particular attention to the origin of applied technologies, their development and the specific differences between “cultured” repertoire and “popular” repertoire, exploring also other expressive areas, such as cinema, radio and television.
  • The study of electronic music composition, with particular attention to electro-acoustic music analysis and composition techniques.
  • The study of the fundamental concepts of music computer science, the digital representation of sound, digital and audio elaboration, the study of the general concepts of music systems programming and sound synthesis.
  • The study of complementary practical subjects, such as: execution practice and repertoire, direction techniques and sound diffusion, programming, audio supports chemistry, acoustic, audio recording techniques.

The BA (triennio) offers the following curricula:

  • Studio technician (audio production technician, audio post-production technician, stage technician, audio recording technician, theatre technician, radio and television direction technician, discographic technician)
  • Electro music composition (analysis, electro music composition techniques)
  • Music editing technician (activities linked to digital music transcription)

The specialization curricula and the respective professional outlet of the MA (Biennio) are:

  • Electro music composition
  • Restoration of sound documents and recovery of sound archives
  • Live electronics
  • Aided music composition
  • Music for images

Technical Equipment:

Analogical tape recorders

  • Tape recorder Studer A807 for 1/4" tapes –2-track heads - 0,75 mm guard (butterfly)
  • Tape recorder Studer A812 for 1/4" tapes –2-track heads - 2 mm guard
  • Tape recorder Studer A812 for 1/4" tapes –4-track heads 2 channels (1+3)
  • Tape recorder Revox PR99 for 1/4" tapes –2-track heads - guard 0,75 mm (butterfly)
  • Tape recorder Studer A80 for 1/4" tapes –2-track heads - guard 0,75 mm (butterfly)
  • Tape recorder Studer A80 for 2" tapes – 16-track heads
  • Tape recorder Studer A810 for 1/4" tapes – 2-track heads - 2 mm guard - sync head
  • Tape recorder TEAC A3340-S for 1/4" tapes – 4-track heads.Recorder Tascam 122mkII for Compact Cassette

Record players

  • Record player EMT 950 with varispeed
  • Record player Thorens TD 124 II
  • Pre-amp phono Elberg MD12 Mk2
  • Pre-amp Mark Levinson LNP-2

  • Record clearing machine Keith Monks RCM MkII - The Archivist

Digital tape recorders

  • Recorder Dat Tascam DA-40
  • Recorder Dat Tascam DA-20

  • Recorder Adat Type II Alesis XT20

AD-DA Converters

  • Converter A/D Prism Sound Dream AD-2
  • Converter A/D D/A Prism Sound Dream ADA-8
  • Word clock Lucid generator SSG192

Digital Audio Workstation

  • DAW Sonic Studio HD v1.9.1

  • Sonic Studio No Noise suite

  • Computer PowerMac G4 Dual Processor 800MHz 

  • MacOs System 9.2.2.
  • DAW Digidesign ProTools HD1

*Interface Digidesign 96i I/O

Interface Digidesign 888 I/O
Computer PowerPC G5 Dual Processor 2,3GHz
MacOs System 10.5.6


  • Mixer Yamaha DM1000-VCM – Meter bridge

  • Expansion card Yamaha ADAT MY16-AT

  • Expansion card Yamaha MY16-MLAN

  • Mixer Tascam DM24

Audio Monitor

  • Near field monitors Meyer Sound HD-1
  • Near field monitors Adam Professional Audio P 11

  • Near field monitors Event TR8XL

  • Headphones AKG K241


  • CD-player Onkio DX-7333

  • CD-player Denon DCD-500AL

  • CD/DVD-player MSB SuperDVD Audio player
  • CD-Recorder Tascam CD-D1x4
  • Belden Starquad cables – Neutrik connectors
  • Test tape MRL
  • Macro track test disc AES-S001-064
  • Oscilloscope PicoScope 3205

Projects (realized/on going/to be realized):

Realized Projects

  • Constitution of the instrumental ensamble: MNT_Florence Ensemble is a project that was born in the Dipartimento di Musica e Nuove Tecnologie for the course of Composizione Multimediale e Installazione d’Arte. The ensamble debutted in March 2010 during the multimedia event IL CORPO/LA LUCE/IL SUONO 2010 with a program directed by Esther Lamneck from the New York University.
  • Workshop Performing Arts: the project is aimed at the development of a multimedia work where acoustic and electronic instruments, the languages of advanced interactive technologies in the music and visual field, the use of body, dance and poetry, merge to create an aware and deep artistic exrpession.
  • Festival il corpo, la luce, il suono: Multimedia event of the Dipartimento di Musica e Nuove Tecnologie.

Projects to be realized

  • Performing arts workshop at the New York University, The Steinhardt School/Department of Music & Performing Arts Professions, NY
  • Multimedia Concert I at F. Loewe Theatre, New York
  • Multimedia Concert II at F. Loewe Theatre, New York
  • il corpo, la luce, il suono 2013


Productions to be realized

  • Electro-acoustic works
  • Audio-visual works
  • Multimedia interactive installations
  • Multimedia Pefrormances
  • Performing arts workshop 2013
  • Workshop: electro-acoustic music and multimedia experiences
  • Seminar: Live art, performance and multimedia art, a journey that lasts a century: from futurism to dada cabarets, Eric Satie’s music to Bauhaus’ events, from John Cage to Pina Baush, from happenings to cinema video art.
  • Seminar on communication and autoproduction for young artists, musicians and composers. Learn to observe and use internet to improve artistic and job possibilities.
  • Seminar: Music’s languages: Persian tradition, in collaboration with the University of Tehran

External production works:

Electro-acoustic music compositions

  • ARCADIA - Matteo Masi
  • ELEKTROWALD - Gianmaria Ferlito , per materiali vocali ed elettronica
  • ELEMENTI DISTANTI - Gherardo Monti
  • OCEANO - Marco Lanini
  • PERTURBAZIONI ELASTICHE - Giovanna Bartolomei
  • SIMULACRA_1 - Andrea Mancianti
  • TRASPARENZA - Irene Garuglieri

Compositions with live electronics

  • ABYX - Lorenzo Pezzella - PRESS START - Lorenzo Pezzella, music and images for Nintendo DS, clarinet, cello and live electronics
  • BOTTIGLIE - Andrea Venturoli, for fixed media, images, live electronics and percussion
  • CON FORZE CHE SI SVOLGONO SFERICHE - Paola Lopreiato, for fixed media, images and tárogató, tárogató: Esther Lamneck, work commissioned and composed for Esther Lamneck, with the contribution of: Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali
  • PARC (Direzione generale per la qualità e la tutela del paesaggio, l’architettura e l’arte contemporanee), GAI, Associazione per il Circuito dei Giovani Artisti Italiani, work selected for the "New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2010"
  • DOUBLETHINK - Peyman Salimi, for piano, fixed media and live electronics
  • ESPERIMENTO #1 - Emiliano Bonafede, for electric bass and fixed media
  • FORME CAOTICHE - Maurizio Montini, for live electronics and video projections
  • IO - Gelareh Soleimani - for setar, fixed media, live electronics and multiprojection
  • JACARANDA - Leonello Tarabella, for tárogató, palmdrive and graphics, Esther Lamneck, tárogató, Leonello Tarabella, palmdrive and graphics
  • PLATES - Andrea Venturoli, for cymbals, wuhan gong, live electronics, with video projections
  • PSR 1257+12 - Emanuele Ricciardi, for flauto and live electronics
  • REACTIVISION - Gianfranco Scuotri/Giulia Vismara, for live electronics
  • TODOG (waiting for) - Alessandra Panerai
  • VARIAZIONI PER UNA MATTONELLA DEL SERRAGLIO - Tommaso Rosati, multimedia electro-acoustic work
  • VITA INTERIORE - Paola Lopreiato, for fixed media and video, with live interventions of tárogató by Esther Lamneck

Audiovisual works

  • 09:10 AM - Jaime Ramos Perez
  • 3V - Daniela Cattivelli/Lino Greco
  • A LIAR SAW IT TONY - Leonardo Barbadoro
  • ALONE - Giovanni Ferretti/Niccolò Franceschini
  • ALTRE VOCI, ALTRE STANZE - Paola Lopreiato, audio-visual work
  • BERLIN ACTE 1 - di Walther Ruttmann, musica di Matteo Masi, Film-documentary
  • BROKEN DOWN CARS - Daniela Cattivelli e Lino Greco
  • COLLAPSUS - José Manuel GarcìaLópez, audio-visual work
  • COMPLESSI K - Andrea Cuccaro
  • DIAPOSATURA - Nicola Giannini
  • DOMINIO ULTERIORE - Edoardo Dinelli/Giovanna Bartolomei
  • GIOCOLERIA - Filippo Giannico, audio-visual work
  • IN MEZZO AL NULLA - Gelareh Soleimani Lavasani, audio-visual work
  • L'/LE OMBRA/E - Andrea Venturoli
  • L’ALTRO GIRO - Jaime Andrés Ramos Pérez, audio-visual work
  • LO SPAZIO IN MEZZO - Paola Lopreiato
  • LOCUS NIGER - Nicola Giannini
  • LUCEOMBRA - Fulvio Vasarri, audio-visual work
  • NEBEIS 2.0 - Giovanna Bartolomei/Edoardo Dinelli
  • ONIRICO - Mattia Borghi
  • PENSIERI INVISIBILI - Giorgio Albiani, multimedia “attempt" to tell the thoughts that inhabit a travel, multimedia work in collaboration with Serena Meloni and Giammarco Rossi
  • PORQUE ESCRIBI, Jaime Andrés Ramos Pérez, audio-visual work
  • QUATTRO PASSI NELL’ANIMA - José Manuel Garcìa López, audio-visual work
  • RORSACH HANDS - Cristian Gajardo Allende, audio-visual work
  • SILENZIOSO, INVISIBILE - Paola Lopreiato, audio-visual work
  • SINE RHYTHM - Gianfranco Scuotri
  • SMARRIMENTO - Gelareh Soleimani - for fixed media, images, setar
  • STORIE IMPOSSIBILI - Giorgio Albiani, unusual parallelisms, multimedia work
  • THE SOLDIER IN THE LABYRINTH - Dario Calamai/Luca Tavanti
  • THE X AXIS - Andrea Venturoli
  • TOTAL ECLIPSE - Alessandra Panerai
  • UN CUORE SOTTO UNA SOTTANA - Paola Lopreiato
  • UNA CERTA OBLIQUITA' DI LUCE - Paola Lopreiato
  • VIOLENT DINNER - Nicola Giannini, audio-visual work

Multimedia installations

  • MY ROOM - Dario Ferrante, Veronica Fiorini, Mattia Gabriellini, Giovanni Mazzanti, Eugenio Mininni, Gabriele Pineider, Katharina Stilo, Margherita Toschi, Giada Turini, collective audio-visual multimedia installation
  • RITORNI - Paola Lopreiato, multimedia installation

Intercative multimedia installations

  • CUBOIDSQUARE - Antonio Teti, interactive installation
  • DOVE VOLA LA NOSTRA VOCE? - Gelareh Soleimani, interactive multimedia installation
  • EMILY AND I - Edoardo Dinelli/Giovanna Bartolomei, interactive multimedia installation
  • NON MI BASTAVA IL RICORDO - Paola Lopreiato, interactive multimedia installation
  • SLIDING LIFE - ElhamAsadi/Alessandra Panerai, interactive installation
  • SONUM COELESTIUM VISIONUM - Andrea Venturoli, interactive multimedia installation
  • THE MUSIC IF THE BULB - Tommaso Rosati, interactive multimedia installation
  • VISIONI AURALI - Luigi Chelli, a sensorial experience between listening and reality, interactive installation
  • VISIONI CUBICHE - Alessandro Pierotti, interactive installation

Multimedia performances

  • IL CORPO/LA LUCE/IL SUONO, interaction with Esther Lamneck e Roberto Castello
  • IL GIARDINO DELLA MENTE - Paola Lopreiato, multimedia performance for images’ multiple projections, sounds, scenic actions and electronic
  • IL MAR DELLE BLATTE - Alessandra Panerai, multimedia work in three pictures, Verdiana Raw, voice and dance, Alessandra Panerai, live electronics (controlled with Theremin)
  • ROSE TRIP - Tommaso Rosati, multimedia performance
  • STUDIO SULL'OMBRA - Nicoletta Andreuccetti, for fixed media and dance, Dario Brevi, dance



  • FESTIVAL DELLA CREATIVITÀ - Firenze 21 October 2010 - Il corpo/la luce/ilsuono, Loggia del Grano, 21 October audio-visual installation Dipartimento di Musica e Nuove Tecnologie – Conservatorio di Firenze, multimedia works session
  • SASCHALL FIRENZE - LE SCUOLE SI PRESENTANO – OPEN DAY - January 2011 Multimedia works session Paths of light and sound
  • I MERCOLEDI' DEL CHERUBINI – April 2012- Multimedia works session Paths of light and sound
  • SMILEA ESTATE - 2012, Festival organized by Comune di Montale and Teatri di Pistoia
  • SMILEA ESTATE - 2013, Festival organized by Comune di Montale and Teatri di Pistoia

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