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Hackmeeting 1998. "Hack-It 98 cannot be defined in just one way. It is an open air festival, a meeting, an hacking party, a moment of reflection, an occasion of collective learning, an act of rebellion, an exchange of ideas, experiences, dreams, utopias, love." [1]

logo di Hack-it 98


Hack-It 98

Founding Year:



Annual (The event has been itinerant since 1998 and has taken place in different Italian cities. It has also inspired similar homonymous initiatives in Eastern Europe, Mexico and Spain – especially in Barcelona)


C.P.A. (Centro Popolare Autogestito - http://www.ecn.org/cpa e-mail: cpa@ecn.org) di Firenze, Viale Giannotti, 79

Structure (concerts, exhibitions, seminars, workshops…):

The main core of Hack-it 98 proceeded form the self-managed seminars held during the event. Besides the scheduled seminars, anyone could propose a topic of discussion according to his/her interests. Except for the two courses proposed (Basic Telematics and Cryptography and Animation) with a “didactic” structure, the other events of Hack-It were horizontal and open to participation. An eloquent example of this organization was the seminar on the attack to communication protocols (ip icmp tcp udp + services), which provides an opportunity to understand and explain how network protocols work and what are their vulnerabilities, a topic that became recurring in the hackmeetings.

Promoter Institution/ Producer:

The work group Strano network promoted and organized Hack-it 98, in collaboration with Isole nella Rete and Il Centro Autogestito di Firenze Sud. The activities were organized and proposed together with the mailing list hackmeeting@kyuzz.org, which supported the logistic organization and the program of the event.

Artistic Direction:

Hack-It 98 was a self-managed event: there where not “organizers” and “public” but only “participants”. In the months before the event Strano network, Isole nella Rete and CPA Fi-Sud worked very hard for its realization.

Administration (structure, staff, representatives and collaborators):

Hack-it 98 was organized by: Strano Network of Florence, Avana BBS,ECN, Freaknet, Decoder, Metro Olografix and the Cybernet netwrork. Those groups, inspired by the events organized in Germany by Chaos Computer Club and in Neitherland by Xs4All, decided to plan a meeting followed by the first crackdown against Italian hackers (called the Italian Crackdown of 1994). Radio Cybernet, the first Italian web radio, broadcasted the seminars on-line and on the air in the neighbourhood of Gavinana, thanks to an analogical Pirate Radio. The organization of the hackmeetings gave rise to many self-managed groups, called Hacklab and interested in the same issues tackled during the meetings. It is no accident that the first Hacklab was founded in Florence.


Associazione Astronauti Autonomi


The space of C.P.A. (Centro Popolare Autogestito – Self-managed Popular Centre) in Florence, Viale Giannotti, 79






  • highlight the importance of computer as a mass instrument and not just as a technical, university, military, control or market tool;
  • exit the digital field and bring technical issues and opportunities of direct communication to reality and to people’s reach;
  • verify collectively the state of the art of the people of the network;
  • specify and discuss the social, technical and political use of modems and similar tools;
  • defend from eviction the C.P.A. (Centro Popolare Autogestito – Self-managed Popular Centre) in the South of Florence and line up with all occupied spaces, since, like the Hack-It 98, they are places where open, free and self-managed activities are still possible without the mediation of political parties or institutions.

Areas of Interest:

Internet art, freedom of expression, open source software, new technologies, digital rights, free information, activism.

Origin and History:

Hackmeeting is a no profit, self managed social event held for the first time on the 5/6/7 of June 1998 in Florence. The location was the C.P.A. ([Centro Popolare Autogestito http://www.ecn.org/cpa e-mail: cpa@ecn.org]), an occupied industrial area in the south of Florence that has been rearranged as a social centre. Hack-IT 98 represented an occasion of intense cultural exchange during which people who shared an interest for telematic horizontal communication gathered "around totems of connectivity and hardware to experiment and discuss the social, technical and political use of modem and similar tools." During the three days of the event the Hackmeeting offered self managed seminars, courses (among them Basic Telematics and Cryptography and Anonymity), 24 hours a day of internet connection, competitions, challenges, tournaments and gave the opportunity to people that since then had only communicated through chat or emails to meet each other. Dozens of people, collectives, BBS, users’ groups, system analysts, webmasters and supporters of privacy and freedom of expression met to verify the state of the art of the “web people”. A virtual committee, reachable through a mailing list, organized the meeting and coordinated the program of the event. The participation to Hack-It 98’s seminars and workshop, as well as internet connection, were totally FREE OF CHARGE, "to demonstrate how activities, social relations and people lives can be managed in a non-commercial way and can avoid the rigid mediations of money." [2]


List of participants (the following links and e-mail addresses have been verified on 7June 1998):

  1. Strano Network http://www.strano.net
  2. Kyuzz.org http://www.kyuzz.org
  3. Eva Luna evaluna@ecn.org
  4. T.H.E. Walrus walrus@ecn.org
  5. Ferry Byte http://strano.net/mutante
  6. Isole nella Rete http://www.ecn.org
  7. Tactical Media Crew http://vivaldi.nexus.it:80/commerce/tmcrew/
  8. Tommaso Tozzi http://www.dada.it/stranet/tozzi.htm
  9. Luc Pac luc@ecn.org
  10. Decoder http://www4.iol.it/decoder
  11. Guarneri Ermanno - Gomma gomma@iol.it
  12. uvLSI uvLSI@csmtbo.mi.cnr.it
  13. Helena Velena http://www.sexonline.cybercore.com
  14. William Maddler maddler@diemme.it
  15. Settore Cyberpunk http://www.ecn.org/settorecyb
  16. Free Waves http://www.alpcom.it/hamradio/freewaves
  17. Zero! BBS http://www.ecn.org/zero
  18. Fausto Saporito fausap@itb.it
  19. Leandro Noferini lnoferin@cybervalley.org
  20. Asbesto Molesto asbesto@kyuzz.org
  21. Zeus Kissakie' zeus@oasi.asti.it
  22. Putro http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/7966/index.html
  23. Maurizio Marini [maumar] maumar@provincia.ps.it
  24. Arclele buste@iol.it
  25. Bilal enkidu@www.ecn.org
  26. Radio Blackout http://www.ecn.org/blackout
  27. Marta Mckenzie marta@ecn.org
  28. Ken Falco giucas@yahoo.com
  29. Renato Pii
  30. Anna Caroli Freschi
  31. Luther Blissett
  32. Canale #cyberpunk Undernet
  33. Centro Popolare Autogestito http://www.ecn.org/cpa
  34. Igor Tosolini igor_tosolini@iol.it
  35. Graffio http://www.isinet.it/lynx, http://www.wonderpark.com, AVaNa
  36. the TiG staff cerin0@metro.it
  37. Black Berry (CSOA Isola Verona) blackberry@atlink.it
  38. Rusty rusty@mad.it
  39. kDRAg macchina@atlink.it
  40. Net Diver netdriver@ecn.org
  41. Silvia Boschero serpe@dada.it
  42. Hell Voyager http://www.kyuzz.org/voyager (nonsense pages)
  43. gato (Infosfera Bari) gato@teseo.it
  44. REALITY MAGAZINE http://www.realitymagazine.com
  45. TeRMiNAL.c terminal@cyberservices.com
  46. Digital Skull BBS http://www.eldorado.it/dskull
  47. NitroPro http://www.x86.org
  48. atzorman paolo@interscena.net
  49. Vittore Baroni (AAA Edizioni)
  50. Collettivo Il Porto http://www.ecn.org/porto
  51. obiez obiez@tin.it
  52. David Toschi toschi@linus.media.unisi.it
  53. Il fans club telematico di Elio e le Storie Tese http://www.geocities.com/Nashville/1370
  54. Andrea de Polo http://www.tin.it/alinari
  55. maiki1@yahoo.com
  56. CSOA "el Laboratorio" (Madrid) http://nodo50.org/laboratorio
  57. stefanino sburlati@iol.it
  58. beppe99 e pablos pablos
  59. Emilio Fantin bom1790@iperbole.bologna.it
  60. Giacomo Verde http://www.geocities.com/soho/studios/9715
  61. Theleme - creazioni associative - Treviso
  62. CHIP Compagnia immaterialista psicorizomatica
  63. Freaknet
  64. A.S. Dinamo Pigrese (Milano) dinamo99@hotmail.com
  65. Kollettivo Antagonista Granello di sabbia" dado.rm@flashnet.it
  66. Enrico Canardi (Khorne) knix_erik@hotmail.com
  67. davide del csa ya basta! di vicenza
  68. Interzona
  69. s@x bios
  70. Lupus Yonderboy lupus@psynet.net
  71. Fabio Michelucci 264vam@usa.net
  72. P@sKy pasky@ecn.org
  73. Neural http://www.neural.it/neural_it/
  74. Patrice Riemens (& Barbara?) patrice@xs4all.nl
  75. Whky wwhky@usa.net
  76. Umberto obraian@hotmail.com
  77. Pietro p.ciuffo@cisi.unito.it
  78. Nicola "teach" Guarneri nteach@tin.it
  79. Blum blum@cybergal.com
  80. fabio feedback feedback@ecn.org
  81. skout@usa.net
  82. davide componente dei mi.s.fu. - ensemble di musica elettronica- e soggetto del csa ya basta! Vicenza
  83. NeuroZone 2 http://Alor.home.ml.org
  84. Alex Dupre (Black Hole Sysop) e anche alcuni utenti di Black Hole http://black-hole-bbs.home.ml.org
  85. Bonjo il cane da Spoofing
  86. Giuliano gzamagn@tin.it
  87. 18K
  88. Casa Okupada de Mujeres "La Eskalera Karakola" (Madrid) karakola@nodo50.org
  89. UPA-Molotov (colectivo de contrainformacion - Madrid) http://nodo50.org/lucha-autonoma/molohome.htm
  90. Emiliano Pecis
  91. Fabio Caso
  92. Diana McCarty diana@mrf.hu
  93. Alberto sysadmin di www.nodo50.org
  94. Capitan Swing Capt.Swing@ecn.org
  95. setek (electromusiciancazzeggiatore) setek@usa.net representative of Circolo Fahrenheit 451 Sassuolo
  96. marco cesare cesare@dada.it
  97. francesca EL917@mail.dex-net.com
  98. Ferdinando Melillo
  99. Romolo Pranzetti romolo@luda.it
  100. Rush www.kyuzz.org/kore
  101. Xantar Majere xantar@kyuzz.org
  102. Luca monluc@tin.it
  103. Antonio Caronia
  104. MrZero http://www.newton.it/MrZeRo/
  105. jackallo jackallo@usa.net
  106. QUADRA http://members.xoom.xom/QUADRA
  107. ThE WoLF
  108. Associazione culturale AVENIDA, Palermo http://www.malox.com/palermonline/avenida.htm
  109. reLK ua01719@flashnet.it
  110. Deviazioni, situazioni gay e lesbiche antagoniste http://www.ecn.org/deviazioni
  111. Gallo nicarama@freenet.hut.fi
  112. U. (Bibi) Ilari - bb.pil-hackit98@innocent.com (per l'occasione)
  113. Andrea Sannucci - Senza Confine BBS - nodo Cybernet 65:1000/1 +39-733-269021
  114. MACCHI chiasfran@sunto.ing.unisi.it
  115. Byt3|ord
  116. BladeRunner http://aspide.it/freeweb/rizzo/
  117. Carmelo C. - http://come.to/hack.it
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  146. nick: cyberthanatos
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  148. Simone "Antelope Cobbler"
  149. Angelo mentore@freemail.it
  150. NUX VOMICA presso WP Studio Piazzatta Nilo 7, Napoli
  151. Cuba people - dall'Olanda. Dutch hackerz!
  152. Bill Squire billsf@cuba.xs4all.nl
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  158. Vincenzo ciccone@psy.unipd.it
  159. Alessandro Maffei maffo@rocketmail.com
  160. Barbara (Marta) Giadresco barba.pil-hackit98@australia.com
  161. FraMMeNto e PiTo
  162. Ferix http://www.altern.org/ferix/
  163. Barry "The Key"
  164. Collettivo di Scienze dell'Informazione ed Informatica "Ada Byron" Università di Firenze Ada.Byron@forpresident.com http://adabyron.home.ml.org/
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Here the detailed program of the seminars.

Courses, seminars and workshops

  • LockPicking. L'arte dei lucchetti e delle serrature edited by Tim
  • Corso Crittografia e Anonimato edited by the authors
  • Not for Profit server in Spain and a communication project in a Spanish social centre. Edited by Nodo50.org, Telematic Area and CSOA El Laboratorio (Madrid - Spain)
  • IP versione 6. La nuova generazione di protocolli edited by Fausto Saporito and Kyuzz
  • VRML, tridimensionalità e comunicazione in rete. Introduzione al linguaggio VRML ed all'utilizzo congiunto di Java. Esempi di mondi interattivi 3D multiutente edited by VRMLdreamers
  • Course: Crittografia e Anonimato. Anonymous Remailer edited by T.H.E. Walrus
  • Work-shop: Privacy, moneta elettronica e fine della tassazione. Followed by the screening of the video on Richard Stallman edited by Guarneri Ermanno - Gomma
  • Video-anthology screening of Decoder about Richard Stallman and meeting on Software GNU per la libera circolazione del sapere
  • Responsabilità del provider, rete e censura. Dal caso Musti in poi edited by Helena Velena and Luther Blissett Project
  • Computer persuasivi e dataveglianza edited by Arturo di Corinto


  • Radio Cybernet

The voice of Hack-It 98! During the three days of the meeting Radio Cybernet was completely dedicated to Hack-It 98. As usual it was possible to listen to it on Real Audio via Internet and, just for the occasion *on the air*!

  • IRC no stop e Videoconferencing

A chat channel IRC dedicated to the event was active for the entire Hackit98 meeting.

  • Boicoop TV!

Experimentations on alternative cable devices. Programs, broadcasts, music and information live on Florence’s air.

  • Auto-productions

There was a big space available for those who wanted to show and sell their own productions.

  • No-stop video projection

Active during all the meeting.

  • Mutations

Presentation of the video Nux Vomica, that summarized all the creative experiences of those years, in the form of an interaction between music, photography, animation and computer manipulated films.

  • Digital activities in Amsterdam/Holland

Edited by Patrice Riemens. A discussion on the experience of Digital City, xs4all and of the most recent 'Waag' (society for Old & New Media).

  • Dottor Kabel is IN

DIGITAL-LEGAL HELP, informatics and law advises.

  • Lockpicking

Practical demonstrations of lock-picking. The art of interacting with locks. Kriptonite Presentation of the book “Kriptonite. Escape from global control: criptography, anonimity and privacy in telematic networks” by Joe Lametta and published by Nautilus, Torino.

  • Digital Zones

Presentation of the CD-ROM self-produced by Isole nella Rete. It is a digital anthology of texts, images and sounds from collectives, social centres, under and over ground groups and associations.

  • I.S.O.

A journey to the boundaries of sound and performance. Ichiraku Yoshimitsu (drums, percussions electronics) Sachiko Matsubara (sampler) Otomo Yoschide (cymbals, guitar)

  • Interactive Multimedia Installations

MISTER REGULAR (Massimo Contrasto), VENTILOR (aaut), SENSUALZONE 2.0 (gegge7@usa.net)

  • Richard Stallman

Projection of the video anthology realized by DECODER during the Italian tour of Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation and of the project GNU.

  • Virus Hunters

Theatre show + presentation of the multimedia software, on CD-ROM, by and with Fabio Massi, directed by Alessandra Valente, video graphic by Felix Zingarelli.

  • Rave

dj Duramater (ch), dj Alain (ch), dj Ultracore (ch), dj Candyman (ch),dj Jimmy (it)

  • Associazione Astronauti Autonomi

Presentation of Associazione Astronauti Autonomi –Autonomous Astronauts Association (by Riccardo Balli and Massimo Contrasto). Reading-concert-performance.

  • Synt Night

The idea of one hundred or one thousand amplified synts and one hundred or one thousand “human interfaces” that, in thirty minutes, try to built a contemporary music ensemble dethatched from the stereotypes of contemporary classic music.



Events and Other Activities:

Radio Cybernet, first Italian web radio, broadcasted all the seminars on the web.

Multimedia Files:

Firenze: Hackmeeting 1998. Author Ogino Knauss

Augmented reality:

Latitudine: 43.75720

Longitudine: 11.28781


  • (1998), Hackit98, Neural n.13, set 2007.



  1. dal proclama di apertura Hack-It 98
  2. Dal programma di Hack-98

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Artisti Incontri/dibattiti

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Hacker, hacktivism, attivismo, open source

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Ogino Knauss, Strano network, Tommaso Tozzi, Arturo di Corinto, Radio Cybernet, HackLab di Firenze, Ferry Byte , Cyber Rights, European Counter Network,FreakNet, Sansavini Stefano, Transnational Hackmeeting, Virtual Town TV, Isole nella Rete , Tactical Media Crew, Decoder, Nodo 50, Xs4all , People's Communication Charter , Watching Them, Watching Us, Fronteras Electronicas (FrEE) , Mediasuk