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Ken Goldberg is Associate Professor of Engineering and founder of the Art, Technology, and Culture Colloquium at UC Berkeley. In 1994, Goldberg led the team that developed the first robot on the Internet. His net art installations have since appeared in the Interactive Media Festival, the Festival for Interactive Arts, New Voices/New Visions, Ars Electronica Center, and the Walker Center. Two of his projects have been finalists for the National Information Infrastructure Awards. Goldberg initiated a seminar on net art at the SF Art Institute and was selected as one of 3 artists to represent the United States at the ICC Biennale '99 in Tokyo. His Ouija 2000 will be project #186 in the Matrix Program at the Berkeley Art Museum, opening in January 2000.

Goldberg received his PhD in 1990 from the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. His primary research area is geometric algorithms for feeding, sorting, and fixturing industrial parts. Goldberg serves on the Advisory Board of the IEEE Society of Robotics and Automation and has given invited lectures on telerobotic art at MIT Media Lab, CMU, NYU, NY School of Visual Arts, IBM, Interval, and Xerox. Goldberg was named a National Science Foundation Young Investigator in 1994 and NSF Presidential Faculty Fellow in 1995. He is editing two books on Internet Robots for MIT Press due out in 2000.

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Dislocation of Intimacy is a net-based installation that investigates into the relation between the indirect and the direct. The key element of the installation is a black box installed at a far-off location. The visitor can shape and explore its contents through the internet. A web site allows the visitor to control five lights that create a unique play of shadows depending on the selection. If contents and conception coincide, the result is a perfect illusion. Imagination becomes a key component creating content.