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Marc Lafia is an artist, filmmaker and founder of Art and, a contextual engine to the arts. His work is an exploration of the narrative systems of books, films, photographs and network media, re-considering and re-presenting such systems as procedural machines of authoring and reading. From feature and experimental films to digital art, he explores how discourse constructs itself.

His early films, Îauto-re-tourâ and Îfini-la guerreâ, investigate the tensions between narrativity and the pure surface of film. As the machines of discourse move between signification systems and systems of rhythm, sound and image, they begin to oscillate between operations of chance and discrete narrativity, between signification and the slippage of signification. Yet these operations of play and slippage remain bound by the medium and its constraints and limits.

Marc Lafia's most recent work in net art including ÎHyper Hyperâ, the ÎWorld Picture Clockâ and the ÎVanndemar Memex or Laura Croft Stripped Bare by her Assassins, Evenâ explore simultaneity, juxtaposition, ambience, and authorship as the discourse moves from machines to engines; engines capable of producing infinite variations of themselves. The engines move simultaneously in multiple temporal directions enabling continuous authoring and reading against and within the vast archives of both personal and collective networks. These open works, constructed in the space of the net, catalyze a new kind of work, engines that relentlessly re-write and construct themselves, their authorship and history.


The Vanndemar Memex or Laura Croft Stripped Bare by her Assassins, Even

The Vandemar Memex is a rumination on the many fascinating tropes of extended self, distributed narrative, artificial life, collective intelligence and emergent systems. The Memex, set up in the context of a game, re-assembles Duchamp, Vannevar Bush, video games and many contemporary art works putting forward the notion of a engine from which works happen. The work is structured as a series of events, organized by episodes, a tool set, narrative tracks and collective networked actions.

The user first selects a code name, then an image that tells the machine something of their psychological type and soon is set along a path.

Authors ( Marc Lafia : direction, concept, story, images, interface Mark Meadows : story, design Gabriella Marks: words, images, design, play mechanics, code