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Old Boys Network

initiated by Cornelia Sollfrank in summer 1997. OBN organized the 'First Cyberfeminist International' @ hybrid workspace, dx, Kassel, September 1997; publication of the reader 'First Cyberfeminist International', presented at ars electronica 1998; in cooperation with Tech-Women, organization of the 'next Cyberfeminist International', March 1999, Rotterdam; publication of the reader documentation in September 1999 (http://www.obn.org/reader); currently OBN is planning the publication of a book on Cyberfeminism together with Autonomedia (http://www.obn.org/book)

OBN consists of a core-group of currently 8 women who take responsibility for administrative and organisational tasks, and an associated worldwide network. The core-group members are Cornelia Sollfrank, Claudia Reiche, Helene von Oldenburg, Faith Wilding, Yvonne Volkart, Verena Kuni, Julianne Pierce and Susanne Ackers. (http://www.obn.org/we/index.html) OBN is dedicated to Cyberfeminism, and OBN's concern is to build spaces in which Cyberfeminists can research, experiment, create, communicate and act.

The infrastructure OBN provides consists of a Cyberfeminist server, the old_boys mailing list and Real-Life meetings. All this activities have the purpose to give a contextualized presence to different artistic, theoretical and activist formulations under the umbrella of Cyberfeminism. (http://www.obn.org/faq.htm)

Presentations of OBN@: Foro Artistico, Hannover; Next Five Minutes, n5m, Amsterdam; Festival Jonctions-Verbindingen, BrŸssel; FESTIVAL OF COMPUTER ARTS, Maribor; 8. Internationale Performance-Konferenz, Frankfurt; BIN Baltic Interface Network Conference, Hamburg; Hochschule fŸr bildende KŸnste, Hamburg; hbk, Braunschweig; mikro Lounge, WMF, Berlin; Face2Face-Meeting, Graz; ars electronica, Closed X; Cyberfeminist Conference East-East, St.Petersburg; CODE RED, Sydney, Australien;

++++++++++++++++++++ Old Boys Network www.obn.org ++++++++++++++++++++ Cornelia Sollfrank - Eppendorfer Weg 8 - 20259 Hamburg - +49-40-4304749


obn@zkm.de is partly an introduction to theories, aesthetics and political practices of cyberfeminism. Based upon a politics of dissent, Old Boys Network, one of the early international cyberfeminist alliances, works on the basis of media and personal networking with feminist strategies in the field of tension of gender and web. In this sense, Old Boys Network will focus on and demand a cyberfeminist initiative within net_condition as part of its event obn@zkm.de.