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Prometeogallery was born in Milan in 2005 and in 2008 it expanded with a branch in Lucca. The gallerypromotes a vision of art that, besides being intimately linked to the place of origin, questions its own value and doesn’t forget its relationship with the complexity of contemporary society. A particular attention is dedicated to the new artistic researches of Eastern Europe (Russia, Romania, Bulgaria), Greece and South America.

Logo di Prometeogallery


PY - Prometeogallery

Founding Year:

2005, Milan branch.2008, Lucca branch.


Prometeogallery di Ida Pisani, Via Giovanni Ventura, 3 20134 Milano, Italia.
It is located in Lambrate, the new district of contemporary art. Is characterized by the red bricks walls and the door and walls made in transparent glass so that the messages of denounce contained in the displayed works can reach also the passers-by. LUCCA
Ex Chiesa di San Matteo Piazza San Matteo, 3 55100 Lucca, Italia

Administration (structure, staff, representatives andcollaborators):

Director: Ida Pisani


The striking space of the Ex Church of S. Matteo in Lucca.


Tel/Fax +39 02 2692 4450



Prometeogallery was born to facilitate the entrance on the European market of those artists that belong to the more radical art trends of the developing countries. The works are selected according to their relationship with the complexity of contemporary society.

Sectors of Interventions:

Contemporary Art; Social.

Activities (research/production/training/promotion):

  • Organization of personal and collective exhibitions of its artists.
  • Collaborations with museums, biennales andfoundations for the presentation of the artist’s works in institutionalized spaces through exhibitions and other events such as talks, conferences, presentations.
  • Participation to contemporary art fairs all around the world and especially in Europe and America.

Origin and History:

Prometeogallery was born in 2005 in Milan on initiative of Ida Pisani. Founded in 2005 in Milan and fitted out since 2008 with a Tuscan branch in Lucca, Prometeogallery is a gallery that promotes a vision of art that, besides being intimately linked to the place of origin, questions its own value and doesn’t forget its relationship with the complexity of contemporary society. A particular attention is dedicated to new artistic researches of Eastern Europe (Russia, Romania, Bulgaria), Greece and South America. The choice of Lucca as second branch, besides the possibility of using the striking space of the Ex Church of S. Matteo, comes from the fact that Lucca witnessed the birth of the AssociazionePrometeo at the beginning of 2000. The association was engaged in the support of politically and socially committed expressions of the international art scene, with a particular interest for the art of Latin America and of the peripheries of the world. Ida Pisani was among its founders. The association decided to open a commercial space in Milan – Prometeogallery - precisely with the aim of facilitating the entrance in the European art market of the artists that belong to the more radical art trends of the developing countries.

Some artistslinked toPrometeogallery:

Represented: Alterazioni Video, ZbynekBaladran, Rossella Biscotti, FabrizioCotognini, Democracia, Regina José Galindo, Hiwa K, AníbalLópez (A-1 53167), Ivan Moudov, CiprianMuresan, ORLAN, Marco Salvetti, Santiago Sierra, Giuseppe Stampone, VeresSzabolcs, David Ter-Oganyan, StefanosTsivopoulos, Vangelis Vlahos, DriantZeneli

Available works of: Carolina Raquel Antich, Alexey Buldakov, PetrBystrov, Valery Chtak, De Luca, Yvonne De Rosa, Alexandra Galkina, Patrick Hamilton, Loredana Longo, Ronald Moràn, Ivàn Navarro, Alice Schivardi, Rosemberg Sandoval.

Technical Equipment (systems/software/tools…):

Prometeogalleryis equipted with tools for artistic storage and production (software like file maker) and for the mounting of audio-visual exhibitions (dvd players, projectors, TV screens).

Projects (realized/on-going/to be realized):

The projects carried out by the gallery are all the exhibitions organized in its spaces.

All the exhibitions from 2005 to 2013:

  • 2013 Santiago Serra – PERSONAL EXHIBITION
  • 2012 CiprianMuresan – ON GIVING UP
  • 2012 Ivan Moudov – PERFORMING TIME
  • 2012 Giuseppe Stampone – GLOBAL EDUCATION
  • 2012 Anibal Lopez (A-1 53167) – ANTOLOGIA DE LA VIOLENCIA EN GUATEMALA
  • 2012 VeresSzabolcs – Solo show
  • 2011 DEMOCRACIA – Ser y dura
  • 2011 Santiago Sierra – PERSONAL EXHIBITION
  • 2011 FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE Nuovagenerazionecreativa | YevgenyFiks – Leniniana
  • 2011 StefanosTsivopoulos – AMNESIALAND
  • 2010 DriantZeneli – THIS IS A CASTLE!
  • 2010 CiprianMuresan – THE UNBELONGING
  • 2010 Giuseppe Stampone – THE RULES OF THE GAME
  • 2009 Hiwa K – QATEES
  • 2009 Regina José Galindo – JUEGOS DE PODER
  • 2009 Santiago Sierra – 34 CM
  • 2009 Alterazioni Video – I WOULD PREFER NOT TO Unastoriad’amoreambientatasu Google images
  • 2009 Yvonne De Rosa – CRAZY GOD
  • 2008 Vangelis Vlahos – BETWEEN FACTS AND POLITICS
  • 2008 Rossella Biscotti – YOU HAVE TO BE FOCUSED
  • 2008 Ivan Moudov – WELCOME
  • 2008 CiprianMuresan – COMPULSORY RULES
  • 2008 Democracia – WELFARE STATE – CHARITY
  • 2008 ZbynekBaladran, Eva Stefani e StefanosTsivopoulos – THE ARCHIVE
  • 2007 Alexey Buldakov – Peter Bystrov – Valery Chtak – ARS EROTICA, ARS THEORETICA, ARS POLITICA
  • 2007 CiprianMuresan – CIPRIAN SAYS
  • 2007 David Ter-Oganyan – Scale 50:1 | SPECIAL PROJECT by Alexandra Galkina – Drawing is hard
  • 2007 Regina José Galindo – TRES ACCIONES
  • 2007 Loredana Longo, Patrick Hamilton, Ronald Moran – THREE PROJECTS
  • 2007 Santiago Sierra
  • 2006 Carolina Raquel Antich – SI SALVI CHI PUO’
  • 2006 Ian Tweedy – A HISTORY OUT OF CONTEXT
  • 2006 A-1 53167- COLECTIVA
  • 2006 Enrico Morsiani – LINK
  • 2006 GulsunKaramustafa – BLACK AND WHITE VISIONS
  • 2006 David Ter-Oganyan – BREAK AND TAKE
  • 2005 Regina José Galindo – PERRA


The gallery itself prodeces the works that are displayed in its spaces. The production of the gallery, then, collaborates with the artist both for the material and conceptual apsects.



  • Giuseppe Stampone, Global Education, a cura di Maurizio Bortolotti, Damianieditore, 2012
  • Rossella Biscotti, Ten works, Mousse Publishing, 2012
  • Giuseppe Stampone, Alfa-Omega, a cura di Eugenio Viola, Marettieditore, 2012
  • Regina José Galindo, SilvanaEditoriale, 2011
  • Rossella Biscotti, Le Teste in Oggetto, a cura di Cecilia Canziani e Ilaria Gianni, 2009
  • Vangelis Vlahos, Between Facts and Politics, a cura di Marco Scotini, 2008
  • Loredana Longo, Explosions, MaschiettoEditore, 2007
  • Regina José Galindo, a cura di LiviaSavorelli, Vanilla Edizioni, 2006
  • Carolina Rachel Antich, Si salvi chi può, testo di Angela Vettese, 2006
  • ProduciendoRealidad, Arte e Realtà Latino-Americana, a cura di Marco Scotini, 2005



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Multimedia File:

Video: The gallery has a storage on Sendspace where uploads its videos. The vision of the stored videao is available only on request and for experts of the field, such as collectors or curators. Audio: Other:

Augmented reality:

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Sede di Lucca

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