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Quarter - Centro Produzione Arte, as later the 'Ex3 - Centro per l'arte contemporanea, from December 2005 to July 2009 occupied the space of the ex-auditorium in Viale Giannotti, area of Gavina, in Florence (Quartiere 3). Its aim was to investigate, examine and promote the languages and the different practices that characterize current art production. The centre, which had an international range, was meant to become a place of production, without a stable collection and similar to a small Kunsthalle. Besides exhibitions, the centre also hosted conferences, debates, events, concerts and other initiatives.

Among the hosted artists: Paolo Parisi, John Duncan, Francesco Gnot, Loris Cecchini, Patrizio Travagli and Leonardo Diana

Quarter Logo


Quarter - Centro Produzione Arte
The name "Quarter" melds the words ‘Quartiere’ (neighbourhood), the centre is located in the Quartiere 3 in Florence, and Art.

Founding Year:



Ex auditorium di Gavinana, in viale Giannotti 81, Firenze (Quartiere 3).

Administration (structure, staff, representatives and collaborators):

  • Quarter’s activity was managed by the association Centro Produzione Arte.
  • Centro Produzione Arte President: Maria Paoletti
  • Artistic Director: Sergio Risaliti
  • Resident Curator: David Bianco, Michele Dantini, Daria Filardo, Pietro Gaglianò (and others, depending on the programs).


"Quarter is located in the heart of Quartiere 3, a suburban area only ten minutes distant from the touristic circuit of Florence and very close to FIRENZE SUD. The uniqueness of the space consist in being born and living side by side with a big commercial mall, the new COOP in Viale Giannotti (area ex-Longinotti), realized by the architect Adolfo Natalini. Quarter is an international art gallery open to the city and to the neighbourhood. The centre is unique because it responds to the different and numerous characteristics of a contemporary public, thanks to its philosophy, architecture, management and creation. The space is agile, a single empty room of big dimension (800 m3),pulled alongside lateral rooms (for an overall surface of 2000mq), which allows a great ductility and can be easily changed according to the needs of new exhibitions. It is perfect for installations, performances, meetings, workshops and videos. A space that can be used as exhibition gallery and centre for didactic and educational services, as well as interdisciplinary projects tackling social, cultural and political contemporary issues."(from the press release of the inauguration).


The Centre is no longer active


The official website www.quarterart.org has been deactivated.


Quarter was aimed at the promotion of contemporary art, addressing the city community and settling in the local territory. For this reason the centre was located next to a commercial mall (whose opening coincided with the Quarter’s one).

Sectors of intervention:

Contemporary Art

Activities (research/production/training/promotion):

Exhibitions of contemporary artists who created site specific projects and installations ad hoc. Performances, meetings, workshops, videos.

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Arte al Quarter, Silvia Gigli, Unicoop Firenze


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