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SI - Signals and Images Laboratory



SI - Signals and Images Laboratory

Founding Year:



Pisa - Via G. Moruzzi 1, 56124, PI

Administration (structure, staff, representativesand collaborators):

Director: Salvetti Ovidio

Researchers: Barcaro Umberto Research Associate
, Bedini Luigi Research Associate
, Beltrame Renzo Research Associate, 
Benassi Antonio Research Associate, 
Chimenti Massimo Research Associate,Cinacchi Vanda Research Collaborator, 
Cocco Michele Research Associate
, Colantonio Sara Research Staff (temporary)
, Coltelli Primo Research Staff
, Costagli Mauro Research Collaborator
, Daviddi Andrea Research Collaborator, 
Di MatteoFiorella Visiting Fellow
, Dinelli Manuel Visiting Fellow, 
Fusco Giuseppe Technical Staff (temporary), 
Gerace Ivan Research Associate
, Giorgi Daniela Research Staff, 
Gualdesi Lavinio Research Collaborator
, Kuruoglu Ercan Engin Research Staff
, Lacava Giovanni Research Collaborator, 
Ligabue Marco Research Collaborator, 
Magrini Massimo Research Staff (temporary), 
Martinelli Massimo Technical Staff, 
Moroni Davide Research Staff, 
Musto Daniela Research Staff
, Paradisi Paolo Research Staff
, Pardini Francesca Technical Staff (temporary), Pascali Maria Antonietta Postdoctoral Fellow, 
Pieri Gabriele Research Staff (temporary), 
Reggiannini Marco Graduate Fellow, 
Righi Marco Graduate Fellow,
 Salerno Emanuele Research Staff
, Salvetti Ovidio Research Staff,
Salvetti Mario Research Associate
, Scozzari Andrea Research Staff, 
Tampucci Marco Technical Staff
, Tarabella Leonello Research Staff, 
Tonazzini Anna Research Staff
, Villa Paolo Research Staff


CNR - Area della Ricerca di Pisa, Via G. Moruzzi 1, 56124 Pisa


tel. : +39 050 315 2883 
fax : +39 050 315 2811



The Signals and Images Laboratory’s first aim is to improve the knowledge of the elaboration of signals (audio and video) and the artificial sight, both in practical applicable contexts and on a theoretical level. To reach this goal, the Signal and Image Laboratory studies and designs models and methods based on computers and machines that allow the elaboration and analysis of the signals in order to apply them to different sectors of public and private companies operating in the technological field.

Sectors of Intervention:


One of the main activities of this section of the ISTI is applicative research. The investigation focuses on the following main sectors: synthesis and elaboration of video and audio signals, image understanding and artificial sight.

Origin and History:

This laboratory results from the belief of the centre’s researchers on the great importance of sensorial information, both in every day life and in the scientific and the technological field. They also share the conviction that research activities on the understanding and handling of audio and video signals nowadays is increasily important for information. The laboratory’s research comprises the following topics: Computational and Conformal Geometry, Methodologies for modeling, reconstructing and manipulating multidimensional images, Computational Biology, Models, methods and algorithms for the analysis of genomics data and biological processes, Computational Intelligence in Computer Vision Methods for categorizing and interpreting heterogeneous, multimodal and multisource imagery data. Diagnostic Imaging - Quantitative analysis of multi-dimensional and multi-spectral images. Statistical Signal Processing- Complex signal elaboration, ranging from DSP hardware development to signal compression and analysis, Vision Machines and Systems - Systems.

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