The Machine as seen at the end of the mechanical age

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The Machine as seen at the end of the mechanical age


a cura di K. G. Pontus Hultén


1968 d.c.


Museo di Arte Moderna di New York


This exhibition catalogue includes work by over a hundred artists, chronologically from the fifteenth to the twentieth century, and illustrates the historical intersections of art and technology. It was also the first exhibition to feature an art installation using a primitive video cassette recorder by a Korean artist named Nam June Paik. K. G. Pontus Hultén, the curator of MOMA in 1968, describes the significance of the exhibition quoting that, "Standing astonished and enchanted amid a world of machines, these artists are determined not to allow themselves to be duped by them. They have shown that while different aspects of our relations to machines may conflict, they are not necessarily contradictory".

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