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Tusciaelecta. Arte contemporaneanel Chianti is an event of public art that invites contemporary artists to create works –with diverse processes, projects and poetics–able to interact with the territory and the local communities.

Logo di Tusciaelecta


Tusciaelecta. Arte contemporanea nel Chianti

Founding Year (first edition):


Period (season/annual/biennial):

The first two editions, considered the great success of the first one, were consecutive (1996-1997). After, because of the organizational complexity, it was decided that from 1998 the event would have been biennial. Since 2006, with the reduction of the available fundings, the event is organized "every time the conditions arise".


Tusciaelecta c/o Eventi Music Pool Via Niccolini, 3e, 50121 Firenze

Structure (concerts, exhibitions, seminars, workshops):

The works of art are all "site specific" and extremely heterogeneous: artistic interventions on city monuments or inside existing buildings, movable or sound installations, video-installations, photographic works, guided visits and even a web work.

Promoting Institutions/Producer:

From 1996 to present days "Tusciaelecta. Arte contemporanea nel Chianti" has been promoted by the following municipalities: Greve in Chianti, Barberino Val d’Elsa, Castellina in Chianti, Gaiole in Chianti, Impruneta, Radda in Chianti, San Casciano Val di Pesa, Tavarnelle Val di Pesa and Firenze, in collaboration with Regione Toscana, Province di Firenze and Siena, Agenzie di Promozione Turistica of Firenze and Siena.

Artistic Direction:

The festival, created in 1996 by Fabio Cavallucci and Sergio Bettini, from 2002 has been curated by Arabella Natalini.

Administration (structure, staff, representatives and collaborators):

Artistic Direction: Arabella Natalini
Administration and Coordination: Gianni Pini
Coordination: Sergio Bettini
Organization Manager: Alessandra Acocella

Collaborations (possible long-term collaborations/episodic collaborations with institutions/associations):

From 1996 to 2012 Tusciaelecta. Arte contemporanea nel Chianti was promoted by Comuni di Greve in Chianti, Barberino Val d’Elsa, Castellina in Chianti, Gaiole in Chianti, Impruneta, Radda in Chianti, San Casciano Val di Pesa, Tavarnelle Val di Pesa and Firenze, in collaboration with Regione Toscana, Province di Firenze and Siena, Agenzie di Promozione Turistica di Firenze and Siena.

Other entities that supported the event:
Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze
Fondazione Monte de' Paschi di Siena
APT Agenzia per il Turismo


The spaces of the event are usually "public spaces" of the promoting municipalities: squares or main streets where the works can be appreciated not only by the habitual attenders of art exhibitions or tourists, but also by citizens.

The 2004 edition found its place also on the web, with the project VisitaTVision (that from 2012 is no longer online).


Tusciaelecta c/o Eventi Music Pool
Via Niccolini, 3e, 50121 Firenze
tel. +39 055 240397 / +39 055 2269570
fax +39 055 243280




Since the first edition Tusciaelecta asked the artists to interact with the territory creating a significant relationship between the works of art, realized for the occasion, and the hosting context. Along time this request has been stressed to reach the connection between the work of art ("extraneous body") and the everyday habits – social, aesthetics, cultural –of the inhabitants. The worksare located in places of social exchange, communication and passage, so that their presence offers alternative images of the stereotyped Tuscan landscapes of postcards, inviting to active and heterogeneousexperiences and frequentations.

Areas of Interest:

Contemporary Art

Origin and History:

The event was born in 1996 on the initiative of Fabio Cavallucci and Sergio Bettini that presented the project to the municipality of Greve obtaining a small funding. Later, also Regione Toscana, Provincia di Firenze and other private sponsors decided to give their support. br> The first edition "14 artisti internazionali in Toscana" was very successful and in 1997 other municipalities from the Siena and Florence’s area decided to join the event. In 2002 the artistic direction changed. Fabio Cavallucci was appointed for another important role and therefore Arabella Natalini replaced him. Sergio Bettini kept his position of general coordinator.
From 1997 to 2006 the event was held every two years. Afterwards, because of the fundings decrease due to the economic crisis, it was not possible to respect the periodicity of the event and it was decided to propose the event only when there are the conditions and to consider TusciaElecta a sort of "work in progress". The works realized starting from 2006 were preferably site-specific permanent works, beforehand instead many works were temporary.


2010: Alan Sonfist.

2009: Mauro Staccioli.

2008: Mario Airò.

2007: Perino& Vale, Michele Dantini.

2006: Flavio Favelli, Letizia Renzini.

2005: Arto Lindsay.

2004: ELASTIC Group of Artistic Research (Silvia Manteiga and Alexandro Ladaga).

2002/2003: Franco Vaccari and Antony Gormley, Nicola Pellegrini, Renée Green, Tony Oursler, Paola De Pietri, Cesare Pietroiusti, Eva Marisaldi, Massimo Bartolini, Alicia Framis.

1999/2000: Antoni Abad, Bruno Benuzzi, Christian Boltansky, Nicola Carrino, Cuoghi&Corsello, Emanuel Dimas de MeloPimenta, Eliseo Mattiacci, Mario Merz, Hidetoshi Nagasawa, Max Neuhaus, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Tung-Lu Hung, Bill Viola.

1997: Karel Appel, Stefano Arienti, Joseph Beuys, Sandro Chia, Sol Lewitt, Mario Merz, Maurizio Nannucci, Anne & Patrick Poirer, Mauro Staccioli, Studio Azzurro.

1996: Paul Blanchard, Clegg& Guttmann, Pietro Consagra, Jan Dibbets, Gidon Graetz, Joseph Kosuth, Jannis Kounellis, Leo Lionni, Luigi Mainolfi, Heinrich Nicholaus, Giò Pomodoro, Joe Tilson, Antonio Trotta, Betty Woodman.

Projects (realized/on-going/to be realized):

Works realized for the display in Florence and Siena’s Chianti form 1996 to the 22 of December 2011[1].

  • Alan Sonfist: Birth by Spear, 2010*
  • Mauro Staccioli: Greve '97 (Stollo), 1997/2009*
  • Mario Airò: 2008*
  • Perino & Vele: The End of Second Act, 2007 [in corso di ricollocazione]*
  • Michele Dantini: Bardini Boboli Project, 2007
  • Flavio Favelli: Gemini Hall, 2006*
  • Letizia Renzini: Balletti, 2006
  • Arto Linsday Trio: In concerto, 2005
  • Arto Linsday: Solo concerto, 2005
  • Paola De Pietri: Trentuno dicembr emillenovecentosessanta, 2003
  • Massimo Bartolini: Conveyance, 2003
  • Alicia Framis: Kidea, 2003*
  • Antony Gormley: Edge II, 2002
  • Renée Green: Standardized Octagonal Units, 2002
  • Eva Marisaldi: Sala di lettura, 2003
  • Tony Ousler: Eye, 1999
  • Nicola Pellegrini: Camera con vista, 2003 [installazione mobile]
  • Cesare Pietroiusti: Sette targhe (targa per edicola), 2003
  • Cesare Pietroiusti: Sette targhe (targa per Officina Fiat), 2003
  • Cesare Pietroiusti: Sette targhe (targa per bagni pubblici), 2003
  • Cesare Pietroiusti: Sette targhe (targa per pallaio parco S. Antonio), 2003
  • Cesare Pietroiusti: Sette targhe (targa per ripetitore Telecom), 2003
  • Cesare Pietroiusti: Sette targhe (targa per scuola abbandonata), 2003
  • Cesare Pietroiusti: Sette targhe (targa per benzinaio ERG), 2003
  • Franco Vaccari: Telemonumento, 2003
  • Antoni Abad: Ego, 1999
  • Bruno Benuzzi: Asilo Altdorfer per uccelli, 1999
  • Christian Boltanski: Teatrod’ombre, 1999
  • Nicola Carrino: Costruttivi 98, 1998
  • Cuoghi e Corsello: Lo spirito delle ragazze, 1999
  • Emanuel Dimas De Melo Pimenta: Voglio vedere le mie montagne, 1999
  • Eliseo Mattiacci: Concentrazione di un mito, 1999
  • Hidetoshi Nagasawa: Pozzo nel cielo, 1999
  • Max Neuhaus: Moment, 1999
  • Michelangelo Pistoletto: Dietro Front, 1981/1983 [performance in collaborazione con Contemporanea Ensemble]
  • Arnaldo Pomodoro: Obelisco Cassodoro, 1988
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto: 2000
  • Virgilio Sieni: Il fiore delle mille e una notte, 1998
  • Grazia Toderi: Il fiore delle mille e una notte, 1998
  • Societas Raffaello Sanzio: Voyage au bout de la nuit, 1999
  • Tung-Lu Hung: Evangelion: Ayanami Rei, 1999
  • Bill Viola: The Greeting, 1995
  • Karel Appel: Singing Donkeys, 1992
  • Stefano Arienti: Warren, 1996
  • Omaggio a Joseph Beuys: 1997
  • Sandro Chia: Angeli, 1996
  • Sol LeWitt: Complex form n.22, 1988; Complex form n.86, 1988; Complex form, 1988; Complex form n.23, 1988; Complex form n.82, 1988
  • Mario Merz: Senza titolo, 1997/1999*
  • Maurizio Nannucci: Changing place, changing thoughts, changing time, changing future, 1997
  • Anne & Patrick Poirier: Il Giardino dei Profumi (Bruciaprofumi), 1997
  • Mauro Staccioli: Greve ’97 (Stollo), 1997
  • Studio Azzurro: Il Giardino delle cose, 1997
  • Ruffoli: 50022 Greve in Chianti Florence, Italy
  • Paul Blanchard: Senz atitolo, 1996
  • Clegg & Guttmann: The Financiers, 1985
  • Pietro Consagra: Quattro ferrilunghi, 1996
  • Jan Dibbets: Santes Creus - Soissons - Panzano, 1996
  • Gidon Graetz: Cosmo. Composizione in acciaio inossidabile e bronzo n. 2, 1992/1996
  • Joseph Kosuth: Ex Libris, 1994
  • Jannis Kounellis: Senzatitolo, 1985/1996
  • Leo Lionni: Tregiralune, 1972; Camporana, 1972; Camporana, 1972
  • Luigi Mainolfi: Quelli che volano, 1996
  • Heinrich Nicholaus: Tibet, 1991
  • Giò Pomodoro: Lamo, 1996; Luna, 1996*
  • Joe Tilson: Crete senesi, 1996
  • Antonio Trotta: Ezra Pound, 1996
  • Betty Woodman: Tarquinia: gli auguri




  • Tusciaelecta. 14 artisti internazionali in Toscana, cur.Cavallucci F., 1996, Hopefulmonster
  • Tusciaelecta 1997. Percorsi d'arte contemporanea nel Chianti, cur. Cavallucci F., 1997, Hopefulmonster
  • Tusciaelecta 2000, Cavallucci Fabio, 2000, Hopefulmonster
  • Tusciaelecta. Arte contemporanea nel Chianti Natalini A., 2002-2003 Maschietto Editore

Besides the catalogues of the different editions, it is also available a kind of anthology that retraces the steps of the event from 1996 to 2010:
Oltre ai cataloghi delle varie edizioni, è stata stampata una sorta di antologia che ripercorre i passi della manifestazione dal 1996 al 2010

  • Tusciaelecta. Arte contemporanea nel Chianti (1996-2010).Ediz. multilingue, cur. Natalini A., 2010, Quodlibet

Events and other activities:

Multimedia Files:




Augmented reality:






Official website: www.tusciaelecta.it



  1. The works labeled with a star are permanent. To see where they are located there is a specific page on Google Maps

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