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Videominuto is an exhibition and a contest for videos. It is open to everyone and to all types of subject matter, the only restriction is that the videos can not be longer than 1 minute in duration.

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Founding Year (first edition):


Period (season/annual/biennial):



Videominuto PopTV - Festival Office, Via del Rosso Fiorentino 2b, 50142 Firenze – Italy

Structure (concerts, exhibitions, seminars, workshops):

Promoting Insitution/Producer:


G.R.A.V Gruppo di Ricerca Arti Visive

Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci

With the Patronage of: Regione Toscana, Comune di Prato, Provincia di Prato

With the Support of:Eurochannel, LABA, Peccibar, Exibart, VJ Central, Milano Digitale, The Fake Factory

Artistic Direction:


Administration (structure, staff, representatives and collaborators):

Administrative Directorate: Marco Imponente

Festival Office: Georg Breusch

One Minute Suite Curator: Andrea Mi

One World One Minute Curator: Georg Breusch

Press Office: Studio Pesci (Bologna), Silvia Bacci (Prato)

Press office and Communication C. Arte Pecci: Ivan Aiazzi

Festival Secretaries: Chiara Coragli and Cesar Martignon

Translations: Michelle Johnson, Maira Bartoloni, Georg Breusch

Graphic Design: Kook - Artgency


Realization Web Site: Jacopo Bundu

Flash Design: Daniel Berio

Foto Videminuto PopTV: Andrea Bandin

Collaborations(possible long-term collaborations/episodic collaborations with institutions/associations):

  • University of Amsterdam (Sandberg Instituut)
  • Cypress College and Fullerton University, Los Angeles
  • Sixpack Film, Art Academy, Vienna
  • Youth Center, Valona
  • Dazed and Confused
  • Kroitnijz


Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci - via della Repubblica, 277, Prato


tel. +39.055.7399981 | fax +39.055.7399977 | e-mail



The main objective of the event is to offer everyone the chance to express through video art and to show it in front of a wide public. This purpose is also linked to the diffusion and promotion of a video art characterized by rapidity, conciseness and shortness.

Areas of Interest:

Video art, video documentation, digital art

Origin and History:

The event was born at the beginning of the 90’s. Even though it was not the first Italian video festival, it was definitely innovative since it accepted the participation of non-professional. The exhibition is open to anyone and offers the possibility to tackle any kind of topic. Besides the extraordinary openness to a variegated audience and to a wide range of subjects matters, the event is also characterized by the importance it confers to conciseness and rapidity: the only binding condition imposed upon the participants, in fact, is the 1 minute duration.

Over the years Videominuto has acquired a great importance in the Italian scene thanks to two characteristics: democracy and conciseness. The event increased also thanks to the collaborations with universities and institutions and thanks to the promotion of workshops and conferences that take place during the exhibition. Following Videominuto’s example many other festivals were born adopting the principle of the 1 minute duration and, in 2005, Videominuto became the promoter of an international network of one minute festival called One world one minute.



  • 2002, Articolo 1, Duccio Agresti
  • 2001 - ex equo, Doubt, Mauro Sampaolesi
  • 2001 - ex equo, exequo, Glob, Jacopo Martinoni
  • 1999, Saluti da..., Antonio Meucci, Simona Toneli
  • 1997, Pic-Nic, Franco Bartoletti, Barbara Pagni
  • 1996, effetti Collaterali, Lucia Pecchioli
  • 1995, L’Urlo, Ruggero Di Paola
  • 1994, Che cosa me ne faccio di 1 min!!??, Cavicchioli Federico
  • 1993, Il tempo di morire, Sara Maggi e Cristian Contini

Projects (realized/on-going/to be realized):

  • Contest: "Italy: Love it or leave it"
  • One world one minute


  • Rassegna Videominuto ed. dal 1993 al 2012
  • Timing (mostra)
  • One minute suite
  • Lumen (mostra)


Events and Other Activities:

  • One world one minute

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Longitudine: 11.2298

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