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X-Media Conference
It is an International Conference on Communication Design and New Technologies that gathers the world biggest communication theoreticians and designers. The conference is characterized by theoretic and creative/practical moments and is directed to researchers, professionals, students and companies in the communication field, but not only.

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Founding Year:





  • X-Media 2 - International Conference Design, Hypermodernism & New Media held in Florence, Stazione Leopolda, 17/18 March 2001.
  • X-Media 3 - International Conference Design, Digital Medina held in, SascHall, 11/12/13 April 2002.


Theoreticaland practical sessions, visual installations, projections.

Promoting/Producing Institution:

The X-Media 3 event is organized by ISIA di Firenze, with the support of Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca and of Comune di Firenze - Assessorato alla Nuova Economia, Innovazione e Strategia di Sviluppo.

Artistic Direction:


For X-Media 3:
Organization: ISIA Firenze Support: Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca - Comune di Firenze
Executive Production: ISIA Firenze
Communication: ISIA Firenze
Press Office: Raffaella Marcucci
Sponsors: Macromedia
Technician: Apple Computers
Technician: Natali Multimedia
Communication: Web Marketing Tools
Communication: Società Editrice Spettacolo
Technician: Astor Caffè


  • X-Media 3 was presented on 01/12/2001 during the conference “Profile-Intermedia” in Brema. With them an exchange project was set upwith the aim of guaranteeing an international dimension for the event.
  • X-Media 3 was partner of the Beirut conference “100% Inspiration” held on May 2002.







  • verify the state of the art related to communication and its products
  • analyse the contents spread by technologies
  • draw a transversal pattern between the disciplines taken into consideration.
  • propose moments of reflection on the themes of communication

Areas of Interest:

Technologies, motion design, graphic design, communication, web, digital, architecture, urban environment, peripheries, network, information, merchandise, marketing, design, ethic, multimedia.

The X-Media 3’s debate developed around the following topics:br>

  • Urban Communication: new technologies and local identity (coordinated by François Burkhardt)
  • Knowledge Vs Information: goods between dialogue and value creation (coordinated by Arthur Kroker)
  • Identities and global consciousness: shapes and ethic for a new design (coordinated by Derrick De Kerchkove)

Practical Sessions:

  • Cinderella in the fairies’ land: contents and digital Baroque at X-Media 3

Origin and History:

X-Media is an international conference on Communication Design: a moment of reflection and encounter with communication and new technologies.
Since its first edition, it has identified innovation strategies, contemporary and future communication’s forms and contents[1], and has successfully presented talks in the fields of technology, economy, theory and design.
The conference is made of two sessions, a theoretical one and a creative/practical one; a characteristic that distinguishes X-Media from other European events on technology. The conference is directed to researchers, professionals, students and companies in the communication field.
X-Media Conference was born from the awareness that the progress of technology and new means of communication affects, not only people’s lives, but also interpersonal relationships. The information surplus we have nowadays should not prevent the formulation of a critical thought that takes into consideration the quality of information.
X-Media, therefore, proposed a moment of debate and encounter between public and experts to discuss about this issue. The choice of the modality of the conference responded to the will of guaranteeing a real exchange between lecturers and audience; an exchange that rarely takes place in events such as festivals or workshops where the public is a mere spectator. During those events, in fact, the topics of the use and development of digital technologies are tackled exclusively from a technical perspective. Often there is a tendency to turn technologies into a show, presenting the use that specialized professionals can make of them and creating in the audience “a sort of mythification of the instruments’ potentialities and of the ability of their users (...) that doesn’t offer to the public the conditions for a critical reflection”. [1]
The themes, on which the conference was based during the three editions, came from the reflections of the organizers. The qualities of the staff and of the lecturers, together with the attention of the media, moulded X-Media as the “most important cultural event on communication in Italy, and among the most important in the world”.[1]Also the practical sessions are very important. Thanks to them the event aims to analyse contemporary production with some of the biggest multimedia and web designers.


Speakers di X-Media 3:

Brami Enrico - Uwe Brückner - François Burkhardt - Matt Checowski- Mike Cina - De Kerchkove - Alberto Del Bimbo - Ideali - Iface - Nick Kapica - Dieter Kretschmann - Arthur Kroker - Florian Pfeffer - Cristiano Poian - Peter Rea - Matteo Stanzani - Nicola Stumpo - Daniele Tabellini - John Warwicker - Michael Young

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Events and Other Activities:

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  1. 1,0 1,1 1,2 from X-Media 3 press release. Translated by EduEDA’s editorial staff

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convegni, conferenze, seminari

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interdisciplinarietà, aggregazione, critica, ricognizione, tecnologia, motion design, web, digitale, architettura, ambiente urbano, periferie, rete, informazione, merce, marketing, progettazione, design, etica, multimedia.

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