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Festival ZoneVideo

Since 2000 has been promoting young Tuscan authors that express themselves through videos, multimedia, installations, performances, displays and meetings. Zonevideo offers a moment for confrontation to aficionados, video-makers, experts and spectators.

Logo Zone Video 2012



Founding Year:


Period (season/annual/biennial):



Cinema La Perla - Via dei Neri, 5 - 50053 Empoli


Videos, events, meetings, video-art, performances, installations

Promoting Institution/Producer:

Organized by Associazione VIDĒA with the patronage of Comune di Empoli - Assessorato alle Politiche Giovanili

Artistic Direction:

Federico Bucalossi


Curated by:Associazione VIDĒA Artistic Direction: Federico Bucalossi Coordination: Valentina Orlando, Gianni Paci, Emilia Uccello Press Office: Comune di Empoli


Partners: Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara
Urban Experience
Extreme Video

Collaborators: the directors of Extreme Video Luca Boni and Marco Ristori


Cinema La Perla, Via dei Neri, 5 - 50053 Empoli



Associazione Vidèa

Via II Giugno, 59 - 50053 Empoli - Firenze

Telephone: (0039) 338 2649685

Info: - mob. 338 2649685 - Facebook: Cinedrome Vidèa

Press Office:

Comune di Empoli

Gruppo Facebook


Other information:

Associazione VIDĒA website
il sito
il sito del Comune di Empoli
il sito del Network Giovani di Empoli


  • Encourage and promote the production of videos by young Tuscan artists
  • Promote the creation of a work team in the field of video and multimedia

Areas of Interest:

Art, Cinema, Video and Multimedia

Origin and History:

Festival Zone Video reached its tenth edition. The name highlights the distinctive network structure of the festival, created to offer to young people in Tuscany the possibility to show and promote their productions. One of the aims of the event is to put young artists in contact with professional in this field in order to create a creative "network" able to propose, produce and promote innovative video and multimedia works. Technologies and networks – is written in the program of the last edition[1] –allow the realization, postproduction, promotion and distribution of excellent works obtaining the best result with the least investment, valorising ideas and creativity. 'Just an eye, a brain and a camera and the possibilities are unexpected'.

For this reason the tenth edition’s slogan is Do It Yourself. The festival proposes also the Contest ZONEVIDEO, for videos, short films, video-clips, animations, documentaries, fictions and art videos. Previous editions:

  • Zonevideo 9 - 2011 - Game Over - L'arte è Finita. Smettiamo tutti insieme.

Empoli 14/15/16 December 2011 Cinema La Perla

The topic of this edition is a quotation from Fluxus’ visionary world. Like in the prevision editions, Zonevideo hosted and presented videos, events, meetings, workshops, video art, performances, installations and happenings.

Empoli 15/16/17 dicembre 2010 - Cinema La Perla

Inspired to the manifesto of Jay Conrad Levinson, the creator of Guerrilla Marketing, this edition of Zonevideo, Visual Guerrilla, invites to focus on imagination more than money, onideas that can be realized with a low budget and that can be diffused through media in an unconventional way. The leading theme is unconventional creative practices. Therefore the event was about viral videos, cross cultures, new technologies, smart phones, web videos, social networks, cultural jamming, community, digital art and languages’ technological mutations. Guests: from Guerrillia Marketing to Urban Experience and Seppukoo, the virtual suicide enacted on Facebook...

Empoli 4/5 marzo 2009 - Cinema la Perla

The theme of this edition encourages the analysis of the relationship between contemporary artistic production and new media, highlighting the complexity of new communications modes and the possibilities of sharing and movement offered to audio-visual works. The main sections of this festival are: ZoneMusic, ZoneLab, ZoneArts and ZoneActive with performances, video-theatre, live interactions between video and music, installations on the story of PC, analysis on audio-visual projects “from below” on internet.

Jury 2012 Contest - Zone Video 10 - Do It Yourself:

Claudio Cinelli (Vinci –Actor and Director for theatre and TV)

Barbara Gualtieri (Prato – Director of Prato Film Commission)

Carlo Infante (Roma - Urban Experience Media Guru)

Sandro Querci(Firenze - Actor and Director for theatre and TV)

Giacomo Verde(Multimedia Video Artist)

Jury 2011 Contest - Zone Video 9 - Game Over:

Michele Baldini [Voice Piet Mondrian editor]

Carlo Infante(Roma - Urban Experience Media Guru)

Federico Nobili [Performance and Communication at the Università di Pisa]

Subvertising [Magazine online]

Silvana Vassallo [Professor of Art and New Media]

Giacomo Verde(Multimedia Video Artist)

Jury 2010 Contesty - Zone Video 8 - Visual Guerrilla:

Carlo Infante [2]
Les Liens Invisibles [3]
Vania Pucci [4]
Alessandro Ludovico [5]
Extreme Video

Jury 2009 Contest - Zone Video 7 - Language Is a Virus:

Antonio Caronia – Theorist and Professor at the Accademia di Brera [Milan]

Tatiana Bazzichelli - Art Networker [Copenhagen]

Moltheni –Singer and Song-writer [Ascoli Piceno]

Chris Wahl - Cinema and Media Expert at the University of Bochum [Germany]

Gaia Novati - Artivist [Berlino]

Giuria concorso 2007 - Zone Video 6 - Dream Machines:

Tatiana Bazzichelli[Art Networker]

Mario Bufano [Director of Controradio and university professor]

Francesco Galluzzi [Professor of aesthetic, critic and curator]

Anna Lagorio [Journalist and art critic]

Giacomo Verde(Multimedia Video Artist) Associazione Vidèa

Jury 2006 Contest - Zone Video 5 - L'insostenibile leggerezza dell'etere: dire fare digitale:

  • Steve Della Casa (Cinema critic)
  • Barbara Pagni (Montecatini Film Festival staff)

Jury 2004 Contest - Zone Video 4 - Est-Etica: oltre la visione:

  • Maurizio Ambrosini (Cinema Music Theatre at the University of Pisa)
  • Valeria Bruni (Critic and art historian)
  • Edoardo Gabbriellini (Actor and director)
  • Thomas Martinelli (Cinema critic)
  • Andrea Mi

Tutte le info ed i video delle ultime edizioni


Award winning artists of the editions from 2000 to 2011

Selected and award winning videos 2011 edition - ZoneVideo 9- Game 0ver

Selected and award winning videos 2010 edition - Zonevideo 8 - Visual Guerrilla:

  • When I don't Know What to Draw ( 3.52 min) by Paolo Moretti
  • Street Lifer (1.24 min) by Antonino Cartisano
  • Makhno Beer (1.18 min) by Diego Pecori
  • Nascosti dalle apparenze by Paolo Bandinu

Selected and award winning videos 2009 edition - Zonevideo 7 - Language Is a Virus

  • Musica da cucina by Giuseppe La Rosa e Sara Filippelli, Pisa, 2007, 9'11
  • Personal Coffee by Chiara Falcinelli e Alice Tambellini, Carrara, 2008, 1'33
  • H.T.V., by Antonino Cartisano, Carrara, 2009, 8'
  • The History of Unhappy Smiles by Giulio Zannol, Livorno, 2009, 1'33
  • Flash Black #2 by Antonio Patrizio, Milano, 2008, 1'

Video Premiati e selezionati edizione 2007 - Zonevideo 6 - Dream Machines

Selected and award winning videos 2006 edition - Zonevideo 5 - L'insostenibile leggerezza dell'etere: dire fare digitale:

  • Cent'anni di nostalgia (2004 - 8 minuti) by Jelena Pešić from Lucca 

  • Cosa vuoi? (MiniDV - 2005 - 9'50") by Paolo Ruffini, Francesco Pacini from Livorno [Associazione cinematografica Nido del Cuculo] 

  • Gola (DVD - 2005 - 7') by Marco Ristori from Empoli (FI) 

  • The Silent Strikes Back (MiniDV - 2006 - 6'57") by Nadia Baldi from Vinci (FI) 

  • The Rufus adventures (Shockwave Flash - 2006 - 50") by Elena Ulivi from Carrara (MS) 

  • Tryout Version (DivX 5.0 - 2006 - 32") by Fabio Giusti from Viareggio (LU)

Selected and award winning videos 2004 edition - Zonevideo 4 - Est-Etica: oltre la visione:

  • Italia vecchia (MiniDV - 2003 - 4:30 minuti) by Michela Carmazzi di Torre del Lago (LU)
  • via rindi... (MiniDV - 2004 - 3:53 minuti) by Giulia Gerace from Pisa

Projects (realized/on-going/to be realized):



ZoneVideo 2000/2010 – 10 anni di esperienze multimediali, edited by Associazione VIDĒA with the support of Comune di Empoli

Interventions on the catalogue by: Tatiana Bazzichelli, Federico Bucalossi, Antonio Caronia, Extreme Video Francesco Galluzzi, Carlo Infante, Guerriglia Marketing, Les Liens Invisibles, Alessandro Ludovico, Mela Marcia, Gianni Paci, Marina Rossi, Giacomo Verde.

Events and Other Activities:

Multimedia Files:

Videos: ZoneVideo 9 - Game 0ver

  • Gagnè di Michela Carmazzi e Fabio Natali

Zonevideo 8 - Visual Guerrilla

Altri video premiati e selezionati



Augmented reality:









  1. comunicato dell'edizione del 2012

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Eventi Rassegne Videoarte Festival Concorsi

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videoarte, multimediale, nuovi media

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Videoarte Giacomo Verde Tatiana Bazzichelli, Antonio Caronia, Guerriglia Marketing, Les Liens Invisibles, Alessandro Ludovico, Federico Bucalossi