4 Beautiful Places to Visit During a Campervan Holiday in Australia

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The rainforest on the island is home to exotic plants with gorgeous colourful blossoms. You will meet up close and personal many inhabitants of the jungle and the beautiful birds, in particular.

Fraser Island offers excellent opportunities for trekking and 4WD safaris. Off the coast, there is a selection of great diving spots with shipwrecks and diverse marine life. Whether you like being active or just relaxing under the sun, you should definitely include this place in the itinerary for your campervan holiday in Australia.

Lake Eyre

This is the largest inland lake in Australia and the lowest point on the continent. The most interesting thing about it is that it fills with water only occasionally. The place is absolutely surreal with its patches of salt reflecting the sunlight and orange and red sand. When the lake fills with water, the wildlife in the area flocks around it and make the atmosphere even more magical. There is a camping park nearby so you can enjoy an overnight stay.

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It is a fact that Queenstown, New Zealand, owes its popularity as a tourist destination primarily to the amazing natural beauty of the local area. You can readily explore the magnificent mountains, crystal clear lakes and hilly valleys by going on scenic tours. There is a huge range of options to pick from. Find out what is on offer and use some helpful advice for making the best choice.

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