A Custom Wedding Dress With a Price Tag!

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Since all the eyes will be mostly on the bride, it is important that the dress is eye-catching and attractive at the same time. Currently, there are various traditions relating to the wedding ceremony. Additionally, the more unusual themes can further complicate the process of searching for the suitable color, design and type of wedding dress. However, with all these drawbacks, you can still include your preferred special touches to the gown and make it as unique as possible.

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In a world obsessed by the best and biggest, have you ever wondered who purchases those outrageously expensive couture gowns most of us can only dream about? These following three celebrities each wore a custom wedding dress for their nuptials and definitely deserve a place on the list of most expensive and extravagant gowns.

Grace Kelly - 'The Wedding of the Century'

Number one is reputed to be (comparatively, by today's standards) the most expensive custom wedding dress, ever - although whether it is the best is entirely subjective of course. Grace Kelly was an American film actress who married Prince Rainier III, to become Princess of Monaco. The prince proposed to Ms Kelly within just three days of meeting her and her family, but once she accepted, the event was promoted as 'The Wedding of the Century'.

Designed by Helen Rose, the dress has endured as a huge influence for brides commissioning a custom wedding dress for themselves. Helen Rose was an American costume and clothing designer who spent most of her career with the famous American film company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) and the dress was a gift to Grace Kelly from the studio. Sleeveless and using details of silk, silk net, silk taffeta and an antique rose-point lace, the dress comprised a bodice and skirt as well as two petticoats. Kelly wore a veil, head-dress and pearls to finish off the breathtakingly beautiful ensemble. The gown is now owned by the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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Choosing a custom wedding dress over a ready-made gown provide brides a certain freedom and more room for creativity. But despite how much fun it can be to collaborate with a designer and choose from a wide array of styles, every bride still needs to have a schedule, to ensure their dream dress comes to fruition. Follow this timeline as a basis so you don't get behind your wedding plans.

Twelve Months Before the Wedding - Plan Your Budget

It seems pretty basic to set a budget prior to planning to commission and purchase a custom wedding dress, but many ladies don't realise that they are either setting a budget that is way too high or way too low. Some, even after deciding on a budget, still tend to go overboard when fall in love with a style that is more expensive than they can afford. So it does bear repeating: set a price range that you are comfortable with, factor in possible additional expenses for rework and alterations, and make sure that you stick to your budget, no matter what. Also, remember it is crucial to start planning the dress as early as possible, so if any emergencies come up along the way, there will still be time to make adjustments.