Artists' use of telecommunications

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==Titolo:== Artists'Use of Telecommunications: Live International Video and Audio Link

==Anno:== 1980 d.c.

==Luogo:== San Francisco

==Autore:== Robert Adrian, Bill Bartlett, Douglas Davis, Loeffler Carl Eugene, Liza Bear, Douglas Davis, Sharon Grace, Carl Loeffler, David Ross, Aldo Tambellini, Norman White, Gene Youngblood, Willoughby Sharp, Valie Export, Karl Kowanz, Richard Kriesche, Helmut Mark, Caramelle Ernst e Peter Weibel


A febbraio del 1980 viene organizzata Artist’s use of telecommunications conference. Tra i partecipanti vi sono tra gli altri l’artista Robert Adrian, Bill Bartlett e Douglas Davis. Viene organizzata da La Mamelle Inc. e il Museum of Modern Art di San Franscisco. L’evento sarà un momento di importante promozione di questa nuova possibilità dell’arte.




"The conference brings together internationally known artists working with telecommunications to discuss and explore ideas pertaining to satellites and slow-scan video. The conference will be presented in "telecommunication space" with participants located in San Franscisco, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Vienna and Tokyo. Participants include, among others, Bob Adrian, Bill Bartlett, Liza Bear, Douglas Davis, Sharon Grace, Carl Loeffler, David Ross, Aldo Tambellini, Norman White and Gene Youngblood. Organized by La Mamelle Inc. and San Franscisco Museum of Modern Art".

The on-line part of the "Artists' Use of Telecommunications Conference" was organised by Bill Bartlett for "La Mamelle" (an artist-run space in San Francisco) and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMMA). The project was organised with the help of the I.P.Sharp computer timesharing network who provided free user accounts for participants which not only facilitated project coordination but also functioned as an art- communications medium during the event (an on-line chat and text exchange) The "Conference" was also the first global use of Slow-Scan TV (video images transmitted over the telephone) by artists. Slow-Scan equipment (Robot Research 530 transceivers) was in use in many, but not all, locations.

Locations / Participants:

CAMBRIDGE (USA) Center for Advanced Visual Studies/M.I.T. Aldo Tambellini etc.

HAWAII University Art Department John Southworth etc.

JAPAN Tsukuba University Michael Goldberg etc.

NEW YORK 1. Alternative Media Center/New York City University Douglas Davis, Martin Neisenholtz etc. 2. Center for New Art Activities Willoughby Sharp, Lisa Bear.

SAN FRANCISCO La Mamelle & San Franscisco Museum of Modern Art Bill Bartlett, Carl Loeffler (Org.) with Liza Bear, Sharon Grace, Gene Youngblood

TORONTO Trinity Video and Ontario College of Art Norman White etc.

VANCOUVER Western Front Society Hank Bull, Kate Craig, Glen Lewis etc.

VICTORIA (Canada) I.P. Sharp Ass. Mike Powell etc.

VIENNA Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts Robert Adrian, Grita Insam (Org.) with Ernst Caramelle, Valie Export, Karl Kowanz, Richard Kriesche, Helmut Mark & Peter Weibel.