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Giselle Beiguelman (S�o Paulo, Brasil, 1962) is Ph.D. in History and a fellow of the VITAE Foundation . She has been researching the cultural impact of the Internet and techonology and has several essays on the subject. Curator of "Ex-Libris/Home Page" (Pa�o das Artes, S�o Paulo, 1996), among other exhibitions, and director of the CD-ROM Urban Interventions 1.0 (Arte/Cidade, S�o Paulo, 1997).

Giselle Beiguelman is the author of "For Whom the Bell Tolls?" (Ernest Hemingway and the Spanish Civil War) (Perspectiva/EDUSP?FAPESP, 1993) and co-author of Classicism (1999).

Since 1996 has been working with on line publishing and is responsible for Arte/Cidade's, a non-profit-organization devoted to art, architecture and urbanism, web site. Her latest work "The Book after the Book" is a hypertextual and visual essay, where criticism and web art melts into the context of the net_(reading/writing)_condition.


The Book after the Book

The Book after the Book is a hypertextual and visual essay about cyber-literature and the net_reading/writing_condition. Its main focus are non-linear narratives, which reconfigure the literature/book relationship starting from the very notion of volume and works that provide programming language a textual appraisal. Notwithstanding, one is not after the novelty of cyberculture nor striving to reinforce the now tedious discourse of the Internet's redeeming potential as a computer web able to candidly unite all humanity into a global village. This wouldn't be more than a chapter in the spectacular history being successfully elaborated in the last ten years by the computer and software industry. The subject here is not the no-book, but the book after the book, the computer not as support, but as a new reading and writing machine: an interface.