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Masaki Fujihata is considered one of the pioneers of Japanese computer art. In the early nineties Fujihata developed his first interactive installations. He deployed multimedia strategies in order to examine virtual space as a communicational space. In his works Fujihata combines artistic ideas with the latest research results from information technologies.


Impressing Velocity (with Motion Platform, 1997) : The speed is fun to everyone. The speed can give us unusual experiences of perceiving the world. It is a distorted view of the world. In a situation of high speed driving the view of an automobile driver is distorted, but his final perception is revised by our brain program to the normal view. The fun of high speed driving is caused by affecting to generate some endorphin in our brain for keeping up the process of revising distortion. The aim of producing this piece of art is to develop a special algorithm to distort the view of the viewer, instead of viewing the actual view in front of him. The algorithm abducts the process which our brains are normally processing in the situation of accelerating the speed. It will be a visualization of the impression of speed.

Nuzzle Afar asks the visitor to explore a virtual space with keyboard and mouse. With the interface the visitors control their own movement and perspective in the computer generated 3-dimensional environment. The movements leave traces that other visitors can follow. It's a model of a 3-dimensional communication and interaction space.