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[Margot Jacobs] - "Outside-In, Emerging expressions, Intervention and Participation in Public Space"

Artists Presentation:
Outside In was a forum for involving new voices, media and practices in a discourse about the use and design of public space. Taking place from June 14-15th, 2004 at Roda Sten in Göteborg, Sweden the symposium combined presentations, workshops, and exhibition formats.
Margot is an American interaction design researcher focusing on playful, emotional incorporation of technology in everyday life. She holds a deep interest in developing innovative design methods and experimental prototypes for social interventions in public space. Her previous experience includes a year as research fellow at the interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italy. Margot has a bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from the Georgia Institute of Technology in the USA and a master's degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program in New York. Margot takes a great interest in reaching the public and other audiences. Outreach activities include organizing local creative new media collective [fringe], lecturing, tutoring postgraduate students, and creating a gallery space for community expression.