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Edward Mac Gillavry + Peter Dubois - Droombeek, mapping the local collective memory.

Every location evokes a memory, a feeling, or an emotion. Every location has its own memory. Thus, the environment contains the collective memory of the people living there and of those passing through. What if that environment is no longer there? If the surroundings have changed? Where will the memory of that location remain? Will that memory disappear? Are the feelings and the emotions still there? The locative media project Droombeek offers a place for emotions and memories in the Dutch district of Roombeek. Droombeek is a personal digital walk through the environment, that gives access to the collective memory. It makes the social and cultural history of the neighbourhood accessible on the spot. Participants obtain a location-aware PDA, which displays text, images, photos, video, and sound. Before they go out, the participants create a profile. This profile enables filtering the abundance of information about Roombeek based on a social context and interests. Thus, a walk is either generated at the start, or participants can freely roam through the environment.
Edward Mac Gillavry is an Internet GIS developer. At, he blogs about the latest trends in location based services (LBS), Web cartography, and geo-blogging. He previously worked for an online mapping company in London, developing online route planning applications. Edward studied Geoinformatics at ITC and received an MA in Geography from Utrecht University, the Netherlands in 2000.