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Ogino Knauss is an 
Italian video-activist collective that documents and narrates the transformation of urban spaces. It was born as a mutant cinema laboratory aimed attaking cinematographic production to the dimension of performance. Since 2006 it works in Berlin.

Doble Forza. Video artwork of Ogino Knauss

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Ogino Knauss


Ogino Knauss is an independent group of video makers active since 1995. Lorenzo Tripodi and Manuela Conti set it up in Florence and since then it deals with the study of urban space’s transformation, employing a research method based on audiovisual languages. The issues and conflicts of the city are linked to the processes of image production.

Since 2008 the group lives in Berlin and produces short movies, vj sets, documentaries and installations, experimenting the most innovative communication practices.

In recent projects the collective focused its attention on the changes that Globalization caused in urban and suburban environments. Urban explorations have taken place in Florence, Riccione, Berlin, New York, Rome, Milan, Amsterdam, Thessaloniki, La Habana and have inspired performances and installations. The videos realized in those cities have been collected in the anthology project Triplicity, published by AVrec as interactive book + DVD by AVrec.

OginoKnauss’s members are constantly looking for new creative and non-conventional spaces to confront, such as cultural centers, public spaces, temporary occupied zones, art galleries, festivals, dance floors. Among many others, they have collaborated or played live sessions with: Autechre, Autobam, Vladislav Delay, DJ Ultracore, Masami Akita e ZbigniewKarkowski, Otolab, OTK, Rich Medina, Terre Thaemlitz.

Together with its experimental research, Ogino Knauss carries on also a filing work on the actions, movements and conflicts of the urban world. It collaborates with Network Internazionale per la Ricerca Urbana e l'Azione, Dipartimento di Urbanistica e Pianificazione Territoriale dell'Università di Firenze, the Fondazione Giovanni Michelucci, the Workshop Workshop Cartografia Resistente.




Ogino Knauss was born as a "mutant cinema" laboratory with the objective of conferring a performance dimension to visual projects. The group’s production extends between new media and psycho-choreographies, exploring contemporary practices of living metropolitan spaces through new languages and tools of communication.

Its purpose consists in describing the city’s cultural processes, that is, phenomena of appropriation of public spaces and collective participation to the transformation of the urban blight.

«The construction of the city, at least with reference to western contemporary urban contexts, is not only about building sites, excavators and architectural projects. It is a process that affects the meaning we attach to physical space, the uses, the access rights andthe regulation of traffic and information flows in a morphologic context that is largely determined. The way in which citizens perceive and influence the environment where they live and how new global and transnational determiners re-define the concept of citizenship are still open and important questions”. [1]

Incomplete urbanization is one of the faces of modern cities and is often pointed out in the works of the collective. In Doble Forza, for example, the account of the relation between daily life and public space isset among impersonal huge empty buildings that the population transforms and takes for its own use.

The film, recorded in 2006 in Cuba, testifies the pros and cons of the participative construction process. “We had the opportunity to explore an architectonic ideology and a different embodiment of modern urban suburbs, both recurrent themes of our works”. The project launched a series of reportages about the conflict between modernist construction ideology and the everyday practices that live and transform cities’ outskirts. Therefore the descriptive process that the collective carries out can be considered as a kind of “urban dermatology”, a careful and objective investigation of the somatic characteristic of the mutant city. Through photographic collages, sound recordings or text and images slides, the Ogino Knauss’s members carry out a broad-spectrum analysis of the territory, capturing its most authentic visual, sound and textual characteristics.

In the case of Triplicity, the anthological project that comprises the collective’s urban explorations, Ogino Knauss realizes at the same time an audio-visual performance and a dynamic cognitive process. «Triplicity explores global urbanization through the relentless production of human spaces and urban textuality». Ogino Knauss presents the urban space, not only as a complex multidimensional system made of signs, flows and surfaces, but also as the product of the daily life of its inhabitants and their perceptions and as a representation of metropolitan textuality. Triplicity has been showed as a live set also in Florence and Scandicci.


  • Triplicity (2000/2005) has been presented as a live set in Florence, Rome, Brussels, Venice, Scandicci, La Habana, Parma, Rotterdam and as an installation at the exhibition “Empowerment – Cantiere Italia” in Genua, Triplicity is an anthological project and an audio-visual performance that comprises the urban explorations of the collective. Triplicity has also been presented as a multimedia exhibition at Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea, Rome, January 2006, showing the different outcomes of the project.


  • 2008 Doble forza (Digital Video, color, 30min) Film documentario (30', col., DV) sulla città di Alamar.
  • 2005 Quantize This (12’, col, DV)
  • 2003 Michelucci S-8 (24’, B/N –col, DV-8mm)
  • 2001 Extreme Urban Ratio-Sum. Florence (20’, col, DV)
  • 1998 Kinkaleri-Super ( 20’, col, Betacam)
  • 1997 Box for Micro. Esperimento italiano (10’, col, 35mm)
  • 1996 Speedy C (10’, col. Hi8)


  • 2008/07 Città al muro, live performance, Trento (ITA)
  • 2008/05 Re:centering periphery, Live performance, Berlino, DE
  • 2007/11 Cimatics AV Festival, Urban Skin, live media performance, Brussels, BE
  • 2006/09 Spectacle City exhibition, NAI, Triplicity, live media performance, Rotterdam, NL
  • 2006/04 Novena Biennal de la Habana. Int/Ext La Habana-Alamar, La Havana CUBA
  • 2006/01 Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea, Università la Sapienza, Process:triplicity, multimedia anthological exhibition, Roma, IT
  • 2005/09 Video Dance Festival, Substitute City live media performance, Thessaloniki, GR
  • 2005/08 Stubnitz Cultural Center. Doc-k-cod (with Ooff-Ouro), live media performance, Amsterdam, NL
  • 2005/04 Domus Review Circular. Installazione Quantize This video, Milan IT
  • 2004/08 Plein Open Air. Triplicity live media performance Bruxelles, BE. Presentato anche in differenti versioni a Scandicci, IT; Montevarchi, IT; Univ. La Sapienza,Roma, IT; Palazzo dei congressi, Roma, IT; Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano, IT; la Havana, CUBA etc.
  • 2003/10 Sonicity Festival. Equilibratura Elettronica (con Masami Akita and Zbigniew Karkowsky), live media performance, Rome IT (pubblicato come DVD da AVrecords, 2005)
  • 2003/01 Netmage 03. Les gamas n’existent pas, live media performance, Bologna, IT
  • 2002/07 Riccione TTVV. Italian Landscape, live media performance Riccione, IT. Presentato anche alla Fondazione Michelangelo Pistoletto 2004, Biella, IT
  • 2002/10 Italian Live Media Contest. VJ-set Milano, IT
  • 2001/12 Netmage 02. EUR, live media performance, Bologna. Presentato anche a Batofar Cerche l’Italie, Paris, FR; Teatro Studio Scandicci; Firenze, IT; TPO Teatro Polivalente occupato, Bologna, IT; Batik, Perugia, IT; Video festival Lecce, IT;
  • 2000/03 Magazzini d’Arte Contemporanea, FAC, VJ-set , Firenze, IT
  • 2000/04 Second Italian Vj Convention, VJ-set Link, Bologna IT
  • 1999/07 Festival Garonne / Hyperfilm, live media performance, Toulouse FR
  • 1999/05 Pecci Contemporary Art Museum, Hyperfilm 1 – The hunt, video installation Prato, IT
  • 1999/04 First Italian Vj Convention, VJ-set Link, Bologna, IT
  • 1998/11 Link TV, VJ-set Bologna, IT
  • 1998_07 Fiction Overdose Festival, Off line TV, VJ-set, Forte Prenestino, Roma, IT
  • 1998_06 Hackit 98 –First Hackers convention in Italy Boicoop TV, Street television, Florence IT
  • 1996_06 La Musa Tecnologica, Slow-T Machine video installation, San Benedetto del Tronto, IT

Multimedia files:


Augmented reality:


  • Triplicity, Firenze, Avrec, 2005 (Book+DVD-rom)
  • Equilibratura Elettronica, Firenze, Avrec, 2005 (DVD)



  1. Lorenzo Tripodi, Nuove Narrative Urbane. Le televisioni di strada contro il mediascape globale. in Paba G., Perrone C., (eds.) Cittadinanza attiva. Il convolgimento degli abitanti nella costruzione sociale della città. Firenze, Alinea, 2004.

Ogino Knauss design the graphic of the following collective books:

  • INURA,The Contested metropolis. Six Cities at the beginning of 21st Century, Basel, Birkhauser, 2004.
  • Paba, G.,(ed.),Insurgent city. Racconti e geografie di un’altra Firenze, Media Print, Livorno, 2002.

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