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Web City
It is the Internet Party, the Italian event of the international Internet Fiesta, organized in Florence from the 21st to 30th of March 2002 by ArtPort. It was an important international show dedicated to web culture. It included videos, refreshment stands, interactive games points, workstations and maxi screens connected to the web.

Web City alla Leopolda - Firenze


Web City - Evento di Internet Fiesta

Web City - Event of Internet Fiesta

Founding Year:



21-31 March 2002


Stazione Leopolda
Viale Fratelli Rosselli, 5
50144 - Firenze


Multipurpose cultural centres / Exhibition pavilions / Stands / Displays, temporary installations / Video points / Refreshment stands, interactive game points, workstations

Promoter Institution/Producer:

Web City was promoted by European Community.

Artistic Direction:

ArtPort created and organized Web City

Administration (structure, staff, representatives and collaborators):


Web City was organized in collaboration with Regione Toscana, Provincia and Assessorato alla Cultura del Comune di Firenze.



tel 0039 (0)55/674448 fax 0039 (0)55/6241779
email: artport@fringe.it



  • to explore the contemporary city and the new cultural experiences generated by and on the web;
  • to propose a path linked to new creative languages;
  • to explore the relationship between real and virtual images.

Areas of Interest:

Web art and engagement, web culture, architecture, design, business and territorial marketing.

Origin and History:

Web City was born with the intention of experimenting the future through the contemporary city and Internet.
By now web culture – the organizers state –affects all the aspects of contemporary life. Ad even the recent crisis was useful to the web, obliging the whole system to preserve and support the most dynamic elements. Metropolitan spaces and the web are witnessing the flourishing of “future factories” where professions such as architect, designer, stylist, performer blend and create new artistic forms characterized by “contaminated” competences, new ways of production and communication. [1] Among the purposes of Web City there is the will to present, in a spectacular and strongly communicative way, the companies and institutions that consider innovation their main strength and that work for culture and communication.
The event proposed two complementary actions which represented the most interesting points of view on the changes that are taking place in the contemporary city: CULTURE MARKETand NETCLUB (sound and visual space that hosted new artistic productions diffused through the web).
Web City also proposed a virtual journey through the “urban places” of contemporary culture. Among them there were Ars Aevi, the contemporary cultural centre realized by Renzo Piano, the CccB in Barcelona, the Quartier Museum in Wien, the Zkm in Karlsruhe, the Palais de Tokyo in Paris and an excursus on major European capitals’ marketing and territorial promotion.
There were also round tables and international speeches tackling the issue of the role the web plays in the cultural field (March 22, Web and the ,23 Tuscan territorial politics in the Internet era, 27 «From the telegraph to the web» with the participation of Eletta Marconi) together with a great number of dj, vj and performances such as the Sugarbabe’s one (March 27). The Bolognese stylist presented the collection «Proleterk», inspired to the new metropolitan proletariat.
It is important to remember the exhibition «Time to consider» which displayed the winner works of the international contest Artist Poster, inspired by the Twin Towers terroristic attack.
Besides, Web City offered an occasion to party, thanks to the twinning with la Fête de l’internet in Bruxelles and the Internet Fiesta' that was promoted by the UE and celebrated in the same days in the biggest cities of the world.





Events and Other Activities:

  • Twinning with la Fête de l’internet in Bruxelles, since Web City was connected with the Internet Fiesta of the European Community.
  • Web City presented, contemporaneously with the United States, two important cultural events realized by the city of New York:

- the exhibition Arts Respond to 11 September: a display of the winner works of the international contest organized by the city of New York as a response to the tragic events of September.
- Twin Towers of Light, the lighting engineering installation that replaced the Twin Towers in Ground Zero with two powerful light streams. The project was presented in the «Culture Market» section.

  • Night in support of Nessuno Tocchi Caino: spoken concert against the death penalty, conceived by Oliviero Toscani and realized in collaboration with the Associazione Nazionale Italiana Cantanti (National Italian Association of Singers) and with the Regione Toscana and the Segretariato Sociale della Rai (26 March). Words and music by Leandro Barsotti and Enrico Ruggeri, thoughts of Oliviero Toscani, Jovanotti and Paolo Crepet; Oliviero Toscani’s film "L'Orfano" (the video, filmed in jail, tells the story and the sufferance of Paolo Pasimeni, the 23 years old man that killed his father, a university professor, on the 11th of February 2001 and confessed the crime the day after).
  • Concerts by Francesco de Gregori, Pitura Freska, Enrico Ruggeri and evenings with the most popular Dj sets.

Multimedia Files:




Augmented Reality:

Latitudine: 43.77787





  1. From the article on http://www.nove.firenze.it/vediarticolo.asp?id=a2.

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Eventi Rassegne

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Arte, web, cultura, architettura, design, performance, concerti, mostre, dibattiti, rete, impegno, marketing.

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